Working From Home

Working From Home

Due to COVID-19 the milMedia Group Team has been working from home. In order to keep track of employee morale, we asked our employees to share their biggest accomplishments from the week, and these where a couple of responses:

Braxton Mitchel, Web Design Intern

Everyone has a set of goals to reach, but how to reach that goal is a different story. As a college student, in my last semester before graduation. One of the biggest accomplishments I have had this week is trying to stay motivated to complete schoolwork as my county has initiated stay at home orders for the coronavirus.  So, my daily task is to wake in the morning at least around eight o’clock.

Make a quick breakfast to give me the energy for my daily work out. Due to the recent pandemic, Do my workout routine in my garage. Once that is over, I’ll go rest for about a couple of hours. I will take this time to go over my tasks that are needed to be done from my internship. then proceed to start my school studies. Its a lot on my plate to a that is overwhelming, but adversity has pushed me to continue to keep going and strive. This is my accomplishment throughout my weeks in quarantine.

We can all agree that our lives are a bit harder than before not being able to be around others. But it is only responsible to keep your distance, wash your hands, and clean surfaces every thirty minutes. This is not only my accomplishment. But it can be yours as well. Be mindful of those places you go so you put your family members in harm. Let everyone know in your home where you are going or where they go to reduce the risk of getting COVID-19. If we all follow these steps we all can reach our main goal to flatten the curve. Now is the accomplishment I want us to truly reach!

Christy Hernandez, Digital Marketing Specialist

Since working from home my biggest accomplishment consists of incorporating my normal workday with my home-life. In the office my break consisted of gathering around the water fountain to connect with my co-workers (yes, we actually gather around the fountain). While working from home I have replaced gathering around the water fountain with switching my laundry or putting away the dishes, but I didn’t stop connecting with my co-workers! In fact, I feel even closer to them than I did in the office! We talk on a daily basis to work on projects and to check in on one another. Working from home is not hard, but losing personal connections is. My biggest accomplishment is knowing that I will come out of the coronavirus a better and stronger person!

Thanks to services like Zoom, Slack, Monday, and Trello we are able to communicate with one another as if we never left the office! Also, with the help of social media I am still able to connect with my friends and family! To be honest it doesn’t feel as if too much has changed. I am completing my normal routine, just from home.

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