A Woman’s Work: Women in Technology

Women in Technology

We have a lot of work to do. Women are an important part of our society and are making their mark in history. Make no mistake; however, women excelling in technological fields is not something that came to the world in the last few decades. Women have been climbing out the mountain of equality for a long time. Marie Curie, first female Nobel Prize winner in 1903, was considered the first female scientists to make her mark in the scientific community. The very first female scientist that is on record was actually born in 1709! Females have been breaking through the scientific world. So how is it that there has been proof of women’s potential in society and yet it took us so long to establish ourselves as a part of history? 

Women in STEM

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) has been a traditionally male-dominated field. There is less than half the amount of women working in the STEM field than men. Women are dominating the education world with 600,000 more bachelor’s degree graduates than men. So why is it that there is still such a gaping hole? What is your company doing to fill the gap? A lot of time we can make the mistake of having the ,“but not me” complex. It is important to prioritize an environment with equal opportunity in the workplace. Ask yourself, have the women in the office received the same opportunities as the men? Have the women in the office received the same appreciation and say as the men? Do you, as the example, show your appreciation for the women in your office? 

Women in STEM vs Men in STEM

Accidental Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is something that can commonly happen in a workplace if the proper procedures are not taken. Women often say that they feel that they are treated differently than the men in a workplace. It can be easy to get stuck in one position at a company while watching other people (primarily men) receive promotions and advance. Acknowledging all members of your team is incredibly important. Considering each individual person by their accomplishments can help bridge the divide when it comes to giving your team the recognition that they deserve.

Giving the women in the office a platform to speak their mind can encourage individuality. One thing that a company should be aware of is that the majority of women feel as though they lack a certain connection with their executives in some cases due to the fact that a majority of people in executive positions are men and therefore connect better with other men. A lot of times, women feel left out of the loop when it comes to interpersonal connections in technology fields due to the large gap. Evaluating yourself through a professional lense and having serious conversations with the people that you employ to identify whether or not you are being the best that you can be in the most transparent way possible can allow for everyone involved to feel acknowledged.