Why You Should Be Scheduling Your Facebook Posts!

Why you should be scheduling your facebook posts!

By scheduling your Facebook posts in the Content Creator you could save yourself time every day! Imagine how productive your week could be if you scheduled all your Facebook content one day out of the week, and you used the rest of the week to engage with your followers. Not only are you saving time each day by not having to think of something on the spot, but you are also increasing your engagement!

Facebook Strategy!

If you use to strategize and plan your content in bulk, then you can find ways to space out your content in terms of promotions and engagement. Not all posts are about promoting your business, and they shouldn’t be. Engaging with your followers is particularly important! If your feed is not engaging enough then your followers are not going to pay attention! You can also use Facebook posts to evaluate how engaged your followers are. When you plan your Facebook posts in advance you are allowing yourself to organize your posts instead of having random content.

Multiple accounts?

Scheduling your Facebook content is essential when you are managing multiple accounts. Just sit down and plan the contents for your X (number accounts) and use your free time to engage with the followers. You can even reserve different days of the week for different accounts to give your creative mind a chance to reboot.!

Use the Extra Time!

Use your extra time researching (scrolling through your competitors feed) to make improvements on your strategy. Maybe you notice that similar Facebook pages have higher engagement, so take advantage of the time you must maximize your social media strategy.

Maintain a Social Presence

Having a constant Facebook presence is important in 2020! Everyone has access to their phones at all times, unless their phone dies. You don’t want to be late to the social media game. People use social media to share their lives with their friends and families, but more importantly for businesses. People also use social media to shop and lookup business reviews.

It is important for businesses to maintain their social media presence, so that your potential customers know that you are still in business. Social media is also a great advertisement platform and the cost is minimal.

Don’t have enough time to plan out your social media content? Let us do it for you!

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