Why G Suite is the Best Option for Your Business

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Congratulations on your growing business! As you were onboarding your new employee, did you realize your small business has outgrown the solutions you first used when you started? If so, you may be in search of a way to collaborate efficiently, provide security, and for something that can grow with you, then G Suite may be the best option for you. Keep reading to find out why we love G Suite and use our partner code so you can get your free trial. 

1. Team Collaboration 

There is a lot of strain that can go into the development of a project with peers. Without intentional focus and discipline, the online work environment can become lax and ineffective without the use of tools such as G Suite. Google has created a tool that seamlessly ties coworkers together with an easy-to-use infrastructure that is a business hub. There are so many perks with working with a program that has everything you need, all in one place.

2. The Design Does Not Discriminate

Every worker is created equal with G Suite. The tool is simple. It is entirely accessible from any brand or person in every way. Google knows that not everyone in the company is coding computers daily, and its set-up is incredibly easy to navigate, allowing you to get the most out of your devices. In an instant, you can share files, information, set appointments, and send analytical data to your business partners around the globe. Let’s say a business emergency wreaks havoc on your daily productivity, and you have to fix the problem immediately, or if there is a massive achievement met that requires a big celebration. You have the peace of mind to know that every member of your team is a Google Hangout group meeting away! G Suite gives you access to tools like Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets that allow your business to have the most productivity possible.

3. Kiss Your Fears About Security Goodbye!

God forbid your company has a security breach, are you protected enough from today’s hacking geniuses. Things like cyber attacks are scary and often leave their victims with almost nothing to salvage. So an entire company has to face the decline of productivity due to the need to recover what was lost. With G Suite, your companies information stays on lockdown from anyone but the pre-approved admin. The majority of the breaching attempts come from phishing within emails. Google says, “Gmail prevents more than 99.9 percent of spam, BEC threats, and phishing emails from ever reaching your inbox.” Their system is reliably the place that phishers steer clear due to their fool-proof methods and regulations. 

4. Plan with Professional Consistency!

I am sure that it is embarrassing to conduct business with your email that you created when you were 20 and in a band. Clients surely feel confused when hearing about the satisfaction guarantees that your company provides and receive invoices at nirvanaforever123@hotmail.com. The professionalism that your business upholds should carry into every area, including having a proper email address. Google knows that what you need is an email that reflects your brand. They encourage the maintenance of your brand with customized domains and their matching applications. 

What’s Next?

Be the best you can be with G Suites! Give yourself the gift of flexibility, ease, and efficiency by incorporating GSuites in your business today! If you are ready to make the switch and sign up for your free trial sign up with our partner code here! It doesn’t cost you anything and lets us know you found this article helpful to you and your growing business. Have more questions if this is the right solution for you? Call us today at 254-554-0974! We are happy to set up and manage your G Suite account for you as well. The future of your company is in your hands! 

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