Website Redesign to Refresh Business This Spring

Website Redesign to Refresh Business in the Spring

We are starting a new decade and moving into Spring. Your website might be due for a redesign to stay up to date with the latest technology and trends influencing the internet, and the world around us. With new advancements emerging you may ask yourself, “What trends should I be paying attention to for my business?” Great question! Some of the latest trends are industry-specific, while others can be applied to any business, let us explore those.


Personalizing the user experience based on your visitor’s personal preferences will become more prevalent in the redesign process. Content-specific pages and dynamic content that targets a specific market or audience will emerge more and more. You can achieve this by incorporating geo-location targeted landing pages.


Live Chat

As I’m sure you have noticed with websites in the service industry. The use of chatbots is becoming more and more of a staple on the internet. Chatbots are very efficient in guiding users to content or quickly answering customer questions without the need to call customer service. Customers don’t have to go through the grueling process of speaking to a representative to answer a simple question. When you redesign your website having a chatbot will be beneficial to your business.

Minimalistic on mobile device

Minimalism has become less of a trend, and more of a staple in design today. Mobile devices are rising to be the #1 way users are being introduced to new businesses, having an uncluttered and responsive mobile design is imperative. Also, with the wide range of users browsing on a mobile device, accounting for users 60+ and their browsing experience. A minimal design keeps their experience from being overwhelming and lets them navigate information at an easy pace.


The strategic use of video content instead of text to explain portions on your website will help diversify your content. This will also appeal to your audience who would rather not read. An emerging trend companies are implementing are full video backgrounds making the website appear like a movie. This really gives the user an experience that draws them in and keeps their attention. Which is great for your improving your site traffic and bounce rate. Google loves video content as well! They have recently placed video content above regular webpage results making your content more valuable than ever before. Don’t forget videos in your redesign!

What’s your next move?

Now that you have been updated on the importance of website redesign, when are you going to dive into the future and make the change?

If you feel like you do not have the time or expertise to update your website, then give us a call and we can do it for you!

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