Website Loading Times – The Loss of Conversions

business man browsing the web

Have you ever tried to visit a website that interested you but would load extremely slow? Or not load at all? It can cause frustrations to the point where you stop trying to visit the website altogether. With the internet being the focus of business in the digital age, it is necessary to have a website that loads quickly. Here are some reasons businesses may want to improve their slow loading websites.

Fewer Conversions

The main negative out of a slow loading website is the missed conversions. When a consumer visits a website, they have about three reasons they are visiting. A first-time visitor checking out the website, someone browses the products or services offered, and coming to the website to make a purchase.

First-time visitor

When someone visits a website for the first time, they are essentially getting a first impression. Although a not-so-pleasant website can be a turn-off, if it loads slow then the customer might not want to wait; they would rather go to a different website or close the browser. It hurts as a first impression because unlike returning customers, new visitors may never come back or give you a second chance. Maybe as a small business in central Texas, you offer a product that is a unique purchase; something that doesn’t require repeated purchases. If that consumer leaves your website because it didn’t load, visits a competitor, and buys that product, then you have lost out on a sale. Since the customer never needs that product again, it is unlikely he or she will ever return to your website. Which can lead to even more negatives because that customer will recommend the competitor’s products to their friends and family instead of yours all because your website loads slowly?

Browsing Customer

Another user that could be visiting your website is someone browsing your selection of products or services. This will most likely be a customer who likes your company or brand and just wanted to check out the store online from time to time. Occasionally, that customer might be intrigued by a product in the store. However, if that customer cannot access that product to view it in more detail or “admire it”, then they will eventually lose interest. Sometimes, consumers will browse or look at a product multiple times before deciding to purchase it. Whether it’s adding it to the cart, coming back to the store page multiple times a day, or waiting in-between days to “sleep on the decision”. If a slow web page prevents this process, then the customer will lose interest altogether

Customer Looking to Make a Purchase

The last type of customer is the one looking to make a purchase on the spot. This could be a customer who came across your website on a whim, or one that decided to make a purchase after multiple visits. If they come across the issue where the web page loads slow, it will not only have an impact in the short term on a lost sale but can start long-term distrust. If this situation happens multiple times to a customer, where they try to buy a product but it’s loading too slow, then they will eventually stop visiting your website to make purchases.

Hinders SEO

When it comes down to SEO, Google ranks websites based on multiple factors, one of which is web page load time. Google is also starting to rank websites based on web page load times on mobile. This is so users can have a good experience while browsing the internet on their phone or tablet. It has been stated that Google’s algorithms will start to use mobile versions of websites content to rank pages from those particular sites.

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How fast should a page load?

The standard for website loading times usually loads in 3 seconds. This is how long it takes to load before the user gets frustrated with the website. Studies have shown that loading time is a major factor when it comes to page abandonment. There are factors that cause different load times such as webpage sizes, the number of resources, and the average server delay.

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