Website maintenance costs in 2020?

How much does it cost?

Some would say the most economical approach to maintaining your WordPress or HTML website is to do it yourself, which is fine if you are a novice programmer or web development tech. But the fact is if you are busy small business owners do you want to be servicing your customers and selling more products or in the back-end of a website trying to figure out the most optimal approach to speed, security, protection, and accessibility? Probably not, so you are probably here because you are considering outsourcing website maintenance. If so, then read on.

First off I am not going to lie, we do web maintenance and would love to help you get on a maintenance plan. But even if you are just looking, want some free advice, or need an unbiased opinion to consider the cost of maintaining your website, then we are glad to help. Though these are not in order, I suggest you must first consider what NEEDS to be done, and the more reliant you are on your website the more important it is. Do you generate revenue on your website? What about scheduling, advertising, or any other of a hundred important functions of a website today?

Here are our suggestions to consider before you start thinking about PRICE!

backup, Back Up, BACK UP!
You need a copy of yourwebsite regulalry, and you want it updated when your site is updated. Could you survice if you lost your site or do you want to pay for a new redesign? Whether you are testing, updating or doing anything alike, you need to back up first. This also applies when you have security issues you want to fix. Plugins and themes always seem to need to be updated and we can help you with this.

Check often, update your software regularly
For WordPress to function properly, its core, plugins, and themes all need to be compatible with each other. They are always changing and according to Wordfence Security, it is a major factor in protecting your website. But here is the catch, this can sometimes lead to problems due to new code interfering with different plugin’s old one. This is why the next step is crucial.

Perform security checks
Security is one of the main things you need to worry about as a website owner. Or you can outsource this to a full-service web company like milMedia Group. If you don’t want to pay for a good security plugin, you will have to take your chances with free ones, but many lack a lot of features you need.

Do a site-wide cleanup
Consider this scenario, your site was hacked, or malware was uploaded to it. Now, you must deal with the aftermath. The data was leaked, and you must reset all of the passwords, clean spam, patch the code, etc. You also need to notify your users that the potential personal data was stolen. Are you still sure this is what you want to do on your own?

Monitor The Uptime
If your site’s traffic is valuable, each moment it spends being down results in lost revenue, sales, or memberships. This is why you should always be aware of your site’s uptime. Free monitoring tools may require you to manually check everything, but if you want to get automatic notifications of your site’s status, expect to pay a few bucks a month.

Besides being a great way to save some space, optimizing can also increase the speed of your site. This is something you really should do regularly. Free tools can help to some degree, but allow our staff to help you automate this service.

So what you came for is pricing because you want to know what website maintenance should cost in 2020, we suggest there are many variables to consider. How many pages, the complexity of your theme, do you have eCommerce or customization or complicated plug-ins. Also, is your designer also your maintenance company, or will they have to try to keep someone else’s themes, code or programming maintained and up-to-date.

A simple way to help price is to know how much your agency charges per-hour, those shop fees matter. Here at milMedia Group our standard agency rate is $50 an hour, and that is a bargain in 2020. We sell our maintance in blocks of three so you could expect to pay $150 a month for all of the services above for a typical webcommerce site, but should you have a greater or lesser need we can tailor costs specifically for your site.

So if you are ready to outsource your maintance for your important website, contact Alyssa today either via email or phone, let us give you a free estimate and you can decide for yourself.