Using Facebook for Your Small Business

Using Facebook for Your Small Business

Who is using Facebook? 

Every day, people are using Facebook to connect with their friends and family near and far. Most people have a cell phone or a tablet that gives them easy access to social media, and other web-related tasks at any moment. There are 2.5 billion people that used Facebook on a monthly basis. Facebook provides a social outlet for users to connect, shop, and to educate and learn. Why would you want to be using Facebook to reach your target market?


It is important for small businesses to use Facebook for Marketing. Small businesses should be using Facebook because it is affordable, and it is an instant way to get in touch with the public. People endlessly scroll through their feed to pass the time, and it is your goal that they will happen to pass your post at the right time. Facebook should not be a replacement for your marketing needs, only a necessary approach in your marketing campaign. When marketing on Facebook it is vital to have a daily presence in order to tell the story of your company.


When people see a Facebook Page with an active presence, they are able to relate, making them more likely to have an interest. Your company should be using a social media calendar that allows you to create posts based on themes throughout the week or month. Since people are known to check their social media throughout the day, we recommend posting at different times of the day to see when your posts get the best engagement. However, avoid posting too late in the day so that you don’t miss out on the daytime scrollers. It is not recommended to post promotions daily instead, try posting promotions once or twice a week. It is important to promote your business, but providing a presence for engagement is more valuable Use social media to learn about your audience, they might know something that you don’t!

Tell Your Story

Small businesses should use Facebook to inform the public about who they are, and what they sell. More importantly, Facebook should be used to tell the business’s story. Small businesses don’t have the largest audience, but they do have higher rates of loyal customers. People like to know and feel like they are part of a community. In most cases, small businesses start in the community of a certain niche. When loyal customers see the company grow, they feel somewhat responsible for helping the business gain growth. You can also use the Story Feature on Facebook to share live updates about what is going on behind the scenes of the company. People have more trust in businesses when they are transparent about their business practices, and when they feel that they are included in the process.


When you are writing your marketing plan, DO NOT forget about your #hashtags! Create one to three hashtags that are specific to your company. Creating hashtags for your company can be a lot of fun, but it is important to make sure that they directly relate to what your target market would be searching for. Hashtags allow your current followers to share their content with your business. Also, hashtags generate new growth in terms of followers to your page.


Small businesses’ main growth derives from word-of-mouth. Facebook is used as a digital platform to share word-of-mouth. When a customer leaves a review on a business’s Facebook page, potential customers have the chance to read it. For this reason, there is no expiration date on the recommendation. Word-of-mouth can have an expiration date because people forget things over time. Using Facebook to market your small business is great because you are creating a continuous portfolio of reviews for people to read anywhere and anytime.

Facebook Ads 

Your business should use Facebook Ads to gain the sight of people that don’t already follow your business’s page. They will also remind followers of your presence.

Now that you are up to date, are you going to incorporate Facebook into your marketing Campain?

If you feel like you do not have the experience to manage your business’s Facebook page, we can do that for you. Check out our Social Media Packages!

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