Top 10 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

Why employee appreciation is vital in your company? Meeting the daily demands of your coworkers, your superiors, and your boss has a lot of stress attached. As if the act of doing your job is not challenging enough, doing the tasks that are assigned on top of that one is impressive– doing those jobs in a way that surpasses expectations is even more impressive. It is easy for employers to forget to say or do things for their employees, and there is a lot to be said for that. A lot of times, people can find themselves feeling lost or misunderstood in a company, no matter how large or small it is.

Feeling important is necessary for productivity and preferred for receiving an excellent end product from your team. There are so many little ways that you can encourage the individuals on that team because, without even one of them, things in your company would slow down dramatically. cause without even one of them, things in your company would slow down dramatically.

1. We All Want Recognition

We All Want Recognition

It is easy to forget to tell people when they do well because the only reason that they are usually spoken to is if they make a mistake. Giving kudos during a meeting can go a long way. Kind words do not have to die with love letters with which they were traditionally adorned. We can continue to be sort without paper and pencil. Try writing a short email to explain how much you appreciate something that you feel deserves recognition. After you write a letter to your employee about how well this person did on a significant proposal that was successful in the company, you will have created a memorable moment between that person and yourself.

In times of stress or worry, your employee will refer to that email as tangible evidence that what they are doing is ultimately worth the struggle. Many students keep encouraging letters from teachers and professors; your employees are learning how to lead based on your behavior. Show them that a kind word can go a long way.  You could even introduce your employees on the company website! Not only does this give employees recognition, but it helps to grow trust with potential clients.

2. Plan to Appreciate

It is entirely understandable that you would have no possible way to remember every birthday and significant event, but that is why the planner was invented. Add employee birthday’s to the calendar so that they can, in the very least, get a quick birthday wish from everyone in the office. Consider adding a birthday cake to the budget if that is feasible! There is nothing like a cheap cake for a lovely morale boast among the entire office!

3. Designate a Day

The days seem long, and the only motivation that your employees might have is being able to make it to payday. Please give them a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Try planning one day a month for some employee love. Whether you are providing them with a free-lunch or are encouraging your employees to participate in a potluck, they could use a break in the repetitious workdays. You will see those tired eyes light up at the realization that it is ‘Taco Tuesday’ or ‘Pizza Friday!’ Never underestimate the power of people gathering for the mutual love of food.

4. Who Got Employee of the Month?

employee of the month

Incentives are such a great way to see the competitive streak come out of employees. For a small price, you can buy a frame and print out a photo every month so that the people who do hard work can be noticed. If you have never read about the employee of the month before, it is when an entire office or branch votes for who they think deserves to be awarded. The one rule is that the voter cannot vote for themselves. This allows for everyone to take time to appreciate the people around them. This is not only an award system, but it is essential for having coworkers feel more like a team.

5. Employee Anniversary

Much like marriage anniversaries, employee anniversaries can be significant and fun for both parties involved. Celebrating their union of an individual for a career choice is exciting and should not be taken lightly. Making these mini celebrations help to break up the stress of a busy day and give some perspective. Send your employee an email with a celebratory tone! Write it on your project board! Shout it from the rooftops! Please make an effort big or small to show them that the relationship that you have with them is essential. Short or sweet is usually the route that you want to take to show your employee your appreciation.

6. Let Them Take a Break!

Take a break

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that taking regular breaks during the workday can help increase productivity. Create a space in the breakroom that your employees will want to go to for a quick coffee fill up to recharge their batteries. There are not many people who would shy away from accepting coffee or tea, especially not in the middle of the day of meetings and deadlines. It can be easy for employees to feel anxious or uneasy when they show up to work and are reminded of the stresses of the day. Although work is a place that involves working, it can be a creative space for your team to use their talents and personalities creatively.

7. Create the Atmosphere


When gossip and negativity fill the workplace, it has a costing effect on the people involved. Not only do people live in fear of how others are speaking about them, but the office goes from a place of teamwork to a place of clear division. Do not be afraid to leave the office for team-building exercises that utilize encouragement as an essential mission.

You would not be who you are without an incredible team that strategizes and works together to come to a solution to problems that maybe have not even been considered by employers. In a perfect world, everyone works together all the time and successfully solves issues with no conflict. The reality of the situation is that harmonious work is not always the case, but investing in your business by providing your team with resources to know how to work together effectively is crucial.

8. Show Team Spirit!

If you take one second to think of your most prominent memories in high school, you probably remember homecoming week with its bright colors and team spirit in the air. Some days you wear your pajamas to school, or you dress like your favorite superhero during spirit week. Those are fun, inexpensive ways that people could get excited. There is no real invented that speaks against dressing up in the workplace. Professional careers have days like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and St. Patrick’s Day that could be the perfect opportunity to show team colors. Hold competitions for the most festive during these holidays.

There is something that allows for creativity when coworkers see each other in a different light. Allow your team to feel comfortable by encouraging them to wear crazy Christmas sweaters during the holiday season and so on! As long as what employees are wearing does not slow down their productivity and deadlines are met, there is no harm in making the office space an exciting one.

9. Step Out!

get out of the office

Take a step into the real world every once in a while. Changing the scenery might help give some new creative perspective. Set up in a local coffee shop! Supporting a local business while building your team can kill two birds with one stone. Work with your team and ask them what they would like to do. Allow employees to look forward to meetings from now on! Please give them a breathtaking setting to give a presentation! You would be surprised by how many people would be excited to meet at a brunch restaurant instead of setting up in the conference room for the millionth time. This is a simple and refreshing way to show your employees that you appreciate them.



Have a meeting that’s entire purpose is dedicated to hearing the thoughts and ideas of the team is crucial to group development. Since you are a great leader, you hired a great team that is hardworking and motivated as you are. Utilizing the resource that is your team is a no brainer. You knew what you as the employer were doing when you brought them onto your side; show them that you know that by encouraging them to speak up.

The biggest thing you can do to show your appreciation for your employees is to listen to what they have to say genuinely. Your employees have thoughts and feelings about the company that could be very similar to your own. Your employees are the key to a pleasant work environment. There is only so much that donuts and a smile can do in terms of inspiration. Allowing for an open forum creates a space that your employees will feel safe, and that leverages growth and responsibility.

In Conclusion

The best thing that you can do for your company is supporting your team. Showing appreciation is a way to be transparent and approachable to your organization. Collaboration is vital in any relationship. Be open to asking them what they want to do with the space that you have given them is crucial.