Tips for Professional Virtual Meetings

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The world has changed. During recent events, the world underwent a transition that would affect the way that we live life moving forward. The world is no longer adjusting to digital, but is digital. The remaining parts of our lives that operated face-to-face have converted to virtual meetings and probably will as we are looking into the future. Though the resistance to digital has been strong, it is officially the office of all Twitter employees. So how do we operate in this world of digital communication and virtual meetings?

1. Engage your Team!

There is a one hundred percent chance that your team is working or thinking about other things during your virtual meetings with their camera and sound off. Break up the monotony with some graphics or a video to spruce up your announcements or presentations. Use a game, quiz, or trivia to liven up the atmosphere and boost morale. Encourage your team to take part by rewarding prizes or even with the possibility that the winner will get to leave an hour early. Probably the most important tip for building team morale and engaging your team during your virtual meetings is to encourage small talk at the beginning of the meeting! Showing a genuine interest in the well-being and life of your teammates increases productivity by allowing your team to feel comfortable and included. 

2. Dress for the Part!

Now that your commute is all of ten minutes and your morning routine only includes brushing your teeth, washing your face, and brewing a cup of coffee, your mindset might be a little different when it comes to professionalism. There is a reason why successful people wear suits even when they do not have to. There is something to be said for looking professional to think professionally. Applying this same mindset to your virtual meetings will allow you and your team to get in the right headspace to solve the problems of the day today. Put on something that empowers you and take control of the day! It might be easier to turn your video and sound off, but it is so important to keep the video and sound on so you are prepared and mindful. 

3. Block the Time!

It is hard enough to engage your team with virtual meetings especially when there is such an enormous temptation to continue working simultaneously. Avoid the multitasking temptation by capturing the attention of your team! Because you are looking at your laptop, there is also potential for seeing a message you have been waiting for or even receiving news of a project that you want to start right away. As much as you want to get started on what waits for you after the meeting is over, it is so vital to give your undivided attention to the meeting at hand. If you truly cannot resist, try muting your notifications for the time that you are in the meeting. Although you may feel as though the topics of the meeting could very well be covered in an email, there is something powerful about interactive team collaboration. Do not underestimate the importance of virtual meetings! Block the time that you are in that meeting out in your schedule! 

4. Plan for the Worst!

Now that you have created an engaging space for your meetings and you look the part and can think and articulate professionally, you have tamed all controllable variables, but what about the uncontrollable variables like internet or technology malfunction? There is always a risk that independent distractions can get in the way. Have a backup plan in the form of an interactive space for your team! Create a meeting agenda that everyone can go through and react to in the form of a collaboration! Never underestimate the power of an email. There is a lot that can be done in virtual spaces! These practices will make your virtual meetings stand out among the rest, and your team will be better for it!