The Secret Ingredient in Restaurant Marketing

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Are you losing customers to your competition and wondering how when they haven’t made any menu changes or renovations? What about a decrease in foot traffic when historically, you had record numbers? Have you looked at your business’ or competitor’s website recently? Changes in the digital space might have attributed to these changes. Continue reading to see why high-quality photos are the secret ingredient in restaurant marketing, and the changes you need to make to keep your business thriving.

Service Changes

Convenience is becoming a bigger factor in the food industry as new technology and services are being introduced to consumers. If your competitors are making changes to their digital marketing strategy you could begin to be left behind. Technology such as restaurant apps or websites where customers can order in advance are growing in popularity and will continue to strengthen in 2019.

Killeen & Harker Heights, Texas,now house services such as Uber Eats and Grubhub, where they deliver a customer’s order straight to their door. Although this is becoming a “natural evolution” in the restaurant and fast food industry for consumers, these advancements can hurt restaurants if they do not adapt to these changes.

Showing off the Delicious Food

As customers are ordering food off websites and apps nowadays, it is important to have high-quality images of your food. You will have some advantages over your competition if you post pictures of every item on the menu.

  • Customers will browse through more of your menu rather than scrolling past words
  • Customers will think of your food as a higher-quality product compared to competitors because of the care taken on the website
  • More word of mouth recommendations to check out your website which can lead to more foot traffic in the restaurant

Taking the Time to Look

When a restaurant has a menu online,it is essentially a probing process for customers to check out what you offer without physically going to the location. A restaurant can have some of the greatest food, but if there are no pictures or even unflattering pictures, then the customer will most likely think the product is average and move on to the next thing. However, if there are images, something can pique the customer’s interest and they will thoroughly browse before deciding. Although it might not seem like much at first, these customers will have brand recognition and consider it as a choice when deciding on where to eat.

For example, say there are two gourmet pizza shops in Killeen, Texas that offer online ordering. One place has a nice, quality picture of every item on the menu and the other doesn’t. The consumers will spend more time on the website that shows off the food.

The Atmosphere

Another factor in restaurant marketing besides the food is the atmosphere. Atmosphere is important to a restaurant, as it needs to match the type of food or beverage that is being served. As consumers narrow down on the type of food they want to eat, they then factor in the atmosphere of the restaurant they are going to eat at. Since your customers will have the option to order online then pick up the food, it is necessary for the website to match the atmosphere of the restaurant with website design. Ultimately, people decide on where to eat not only by the food,but by the atmosphere. So, when planning your high-quality food photos don’t forget to show off your restaurant’s atmosphere with high quality photography as well.

Word of Mouth Marketing (Word of Social Media Mouth Marketing)

One of the best types of marketing is word of mouth marketing. Businesses don’t spend any money with this type of marketing and have the opportunity to gain repeat customers. Since restaurants depend on reputation, they can actually use this to their benefit. Let’s take the previous example of the gourmet pizza shop. The one that uses pictures of their food on the website. When the customer is conversing with friends, he or she can show them the website, so they can get an idea of what the food looks like. After looking at the pictures for a while, they’ll most likely place an order since they have invested some time browsing through the menu. 

Another way to spread the word about your restaurant is to encourage social media activity. Such as placing a unique hashtag in your branding. Customers can take pictures and post it alongside the hashtag. You might have seen examples of this. One well known example is the pictures of Starbucks’ cups on social media. When consumers share content with your branding, the potential number of eyes that will see your logo could go up all the way into the millions!

Renovating Your Restaurant Marketing

Including high quality photos of your menu items in restaurant marketing has become a necessity. Especially considering online ordering has become a trusted convenience rather than a trend. However, it is still important to have quality food as that is the product people are buying. If you are wanting to take your restaurant marketing to the next level, check out milMedia Group. We specialize in digital marketing, social media management and web design services for Small Businesses just like yours.