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The next Google update is right around the corner

Google update made for mobile speed

Some of you might recall that we brought up the new Google update that is scheduled to be effective by July 2018. It’s important that you optimize your website for mobile speed or Google might bring you down after the update goes into effect.

Google knows that companies are focusing on customer experience on their mobile websites. The update is being made to help direct Google users to fast and mobile-friendly websites. There’s no question to why the search engine wants to get rid of those pesky slow websites. People want information on-demand and won’t settle for less.

If you own a website but don’t know if it loads fast you can check at Pingdom

After checking your WordPress website speed, you should have an idea of how many websites are slower than yours. Our web experts recommend that your website should load no slower than 3 seconds. If your website is loading in under 3 seconds for mobile devices, you should be fine after the Google update. For those of you who have a slower website, you should look into optimizing your website for speed to avoid being penalized by Google.

Is there a loophole?

Yes, it is true that the Google update will be penalizing websites with slow response rate but there is a catch. Websites that posses heavily relevant content will not be penalized as much. The update was created to target smaller and non-relevant websites.This will certainly help users find better articles and other pages they are looking for.

How do I optimize my website for speed?

There are many things that can help a website load faster. In some cases, websites can have too much heavy content that can slow down response time. Lucky for us, there is software (W3 Total Cache and Hummingbird) that can help cut down response rates and can improve your WordPress website scores. Remember that these plugins also take up space so try not to download more than one since it won’t make that much of a difference if you do.

The plugins were created to help cut down the loading time for individual pages on your website. When we visit most websites, our devices load the entire website and not just the page we request. This is why it sometimes takes forever to load a page after hitting the search button. These plugins help Optimize your WordPress website for speed by changing the automatic setting to help your device load one page at a time and helping cut down response time.

Files weighing you down?

You can also try getting rid of unnecessary files. Although it might be a bit difficult, look for files that you do not need and dump them. You might have extra plugins or themes you might not be using on your website anymore.

Too much code?

Although you may not realize it, the structured code can be slowing down your site. Yes, too much code can be a bad thing for your website’s speed. It takes a system more time to read longer scripts of code which means the system response will be delayed if there is too much code.

If you understand CCS and HTML5 code, try fiddling with it and spot out what you don’t need. Now, if you aren’t a code expert, no need to worry. There are a is a great site that can help you learn and understand how to manipulate code (W3 Schools).

Don’t know where to start?

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