The Importance of Twitter

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In your personal life, Twitter might be seen as someone’s “diary”. A way for a friend, family member, or even acquaintance to express how they are feeling. Although you might find it confusing or annoying that your friend is tweeting about everything, it can be a good thing. Tweeting can also be helpful for a business. Continue reading to learn not only why Twitter is important, but why tweets can be useful to a business. If you want to know the basics about Twitter and other social media platforms, get a brief rundown here.

Twitter Gives Context

A great aspect of Twitter that is under-utilized is that tweeting gives context – not only to a person, but also a business. Businesses rely on big news to gain new customers, followers, or even attention. These news stories allow businesses to share their piece and be in a relevant conversation, but only for the moment. The neat idea about Twitter for business is that it allows for us to expand our thoughts into a conversation. Day to day conversing with followers can also give context to moments and stories.

For example, say a viral campaign started trending for a cure in which people can donate to. Usually, a business can do one post about it and then never return to the topic. With twitter, your business can stretch multiple posts about the cure in multiple days.

Your business can tweet about it in different ways such as:

  • Why it is important to find a cure
  • How it impacts you or the business
  • What ways your business is helping

Not only will your Twitter followers see your main post about the campaign, but the tweets following the original one.

Joining the conversation

The great thing about Twitter is that it is filled with big moments. Every brand, business – big or small- and every person on Twitter will be able to take part in conversations that revolve around these events.

Did you know the easiest way to join a conversation on Twitter?

It all boils down to this – “#”

Yep, the hashtag.

The hashtag placed alongside any word gives you the ability to join the conversation on Twitter. For example, say you have a sports equipment business in Central Texas and the NFL is making a controversial equipment change. You have the opportunity to join this conversation on Twitter in many ways.

Some basic examples are:

  • I don’t agree with the new equipment regulations forced upon players. #NFL
  • I believe the new regulations will make it safer to play football in. I can’t wait until all age appropriate equipment makes these changes. #NFL

Now, anyone who searches #NFL can see your tweets because you implemented the hashtag. This gives people the opportunity to reply to your tweet, and even start a discussion. This can lead to people checking out the businesses’ Twitter profile and following the account. When people follow your account, they will be able to see everything you post and check out your website or visit your store. If you think about it, the hashtag is the start of a sales conversion funnel.

More Than an Ad

Often, businesses will use Twitter strictly for promoting a new product, service, or to check the store out. A Twitter page filled with advertisements can be a real turn off for consumers. The personality of the business can come across as boring and uninspired and I’m pretty sure that you don’t want it to come across as that. By tweeting and acknowledging the world around you, consumers will start to notice and possibly engage with your content. Doing this over a long period of time can show that you and your business are not on Twitter just to get people to walk in the door.

Overall, you want to think of your business or your brand as a living, breathing person on twitter. Joining the conversation, connecting to people, and giving more context to your mind-state and that of your business. These factors allow you to stay relevant and give people the opportunity to pay attention to you not only when selling a product but when you are saying something important.

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