A long time ago, we lived in a world where when people needed something, they would go to their local store and buy it. Somewhere along the way, someone decided that it should be easier and that items should be delivered to your doorstep, allowing people to still get discounts on their purchase when using coupon codes from Raise. The change in the way that products could be distributed was significant of the change that the world would have to make. Soon enough delivery was possible for anything that you could possibly buy–groceries, dinner, clothes, car parts, and every product imaginable. The world converted to relying on e-commerce for almost all of its needs. This e-commerce community had heightened attention during the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, there were fewer options for people staying at home. To distract themselves from the reality of their situation, they tried to laugh by turning to social media. One of the platforms that is making an established name for itself is Instagram.

1. E-Commerce Features

Instagram has offered features that allow you to better reach your ideal demographic. Instagram provides a chic space for you to demonstrate the brand of your business as well as making it unbelievably easy to buy items through the app and track where they are coming from. One of the features that is very useful is the feature that allows you to tag your products in an image with the price. Once the viewer selects a piece of clothing that they like, the app will allow them to buy the product right then and there. E-Commerce becomes cool with an easy way for people to buy what they like without any hassle or lines.

So here is how it works,

Step 1: You post a photo and tag your product(s). The user can decide to view all products in the photo. Note: Using an influencer is always a good thing. 

Step 2: The user selects a product that they like, and either buy it on the website or buy it on the Instagram app.

Step 3: They are officially a customer and can see your newest products as they come out.

2. Product Growth

Not only is Instagram bridging the gap between customer and business, but they are building loyalty. Anyone can buy a product once, but establishing a space where people feel that they can come back is necessary. The best way to ensure consumer trust with consistency and relevancy. The user is more likely to trust your brand as it is being endorsed by someone that they rely on than not. Establishing excellent reviews and staying relevant in your community is a great way to do that. Post regularly and announce sales, new arrivals, and special offers in a way that builds suspense with things like countdown clocks and specific content to draw in the user. The user does not just want a product; the user wants an experience. Your brand should excite and inspire people to join in! Instagram is not just something that would interest your company to try but now is crucial to establishing your brand. About 89% of marketers view their Instagram marketing as important. What are you doing to catch up?