Thanksgiving Plans

Building relationships with customers online during the most thankful time of the year.

Thanksgiving plans usually include a lot of cooking, cleaning, and traveling, but Thanksgiving is also the day that reminds us to focus on everything that we are grateful for like family, friends, and a small business that made it through the trials of COVID-19 this past year. Though there were a lot of challenges that businesses had to maneuver in the last year, we all learned something about how to use our resources and ways to maximize our development during the spread of a national pandemic. Though the pandemic threatened our health and safety, the side effects of safety affected our businesses‘ ability to develop during this tough time. As the holiday implies, we are encouraged to remember what we are thankful for like the fact that we were able to make it through. Did you know that gratitude improves your mental health? Did you also know that gratitude improves your business? 

Step 1: Write a Card!

Let your clients and customers know how grateful you are for their support during the pandemic with a beautiful and festive card that expresses your appreciation! Feel free to express yourself and to write a personalized message that outlines everything that you were able to do and sustain with the help of the customer’s loyalty. Include a company pen, brochure, business card, magnet, or any other tangible item with your branding that will remind them of you! Thanksgiving is the perfect day to celebrate your thankfulness for the people who have kept your business above water. 

Check out The Gallery Collection for some beautiful cards that fit every occassion!

Step 2: Give a Gift!

Though for a lot of us our financial situation has suffered since the rise of the pandemic. Maybe giving away something expensive is not the best idea for showing appreciation, but showing your gratitude with a coupon code, a special offer, or discount that is sent directly to your customers will help share the love without breaking the bank for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Send them a specialized opportunity to reward their loyalty to you and your business during the low-points of the year. Maintaining a customer and business relationship is just as important as maintaining any other relationship. It requires investing in that person with clear communication, just as your marketing strategy should do! 

Step 3: Write a Newsletter!

Newsletters are a great way to show your community about the positive things going on in your business. Let your community know that you are working hard to bring the best product to them. Build a relationship with the people in your community on Thanksgiving by sending out an email wishing your community a Happy Holidays. Showcase the people on your team so that we can get to know the people on the other end of the screen. This shows your softer side and allows for people to feel connected to your business in a personal way.

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