Having Facebook v.s. a Website

Facebook vs Website

“Does my Business need a website if it has a Facebook?” We have been often asked this very question, and our three-part answer is Yes, Yes, and Yes! Having a Facebook Page for your Business is great, however, your Facebook page should not replace your business’s Website! Think of your Website and your Facebook Business…

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5 Ways Your Website Should Be Representing Your Business

Ever wanted to represent your website that your business deserve. Well you at the right place. Presentation is key to have people to have interested visiting your site. So here are some tips to get you jump start your business website. User Interface  User Interface is a front end experience that focuses on style and the looks of your…

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What is the Cost of Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance

Once your website is built and deployed it will take care of itself, right? Wrong! You face the recurring cost of keeping the website up and operational for your intended audience. There are two types of website maintenance support.

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The Importance of Having a Mobile Responsive Website

Do you have a Responsive Website?

Since the introduction of smartphones more and more people are browsing the internet using their mobile device. Chances are, right now, you’re viewing this article on your mobile device or something similar. Therefore, websites today are being developed using responsive principles that allow the website to change dimensions according to the screen size. In order…

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Website Loading Times – The Loss of Conversions

business man browsing the web

Have you ever tried to visit a website that interested you but would load extremely slow? Or not load at all? It can cause frustrations to the point where you stop trying to visit the website altogether. With the internet being the focus of business in the digital age, it is necessary to have a…

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