Gift Guide for Boss’ Day!

Gift Guide National Boss' Day Graphic

Established in 1958 by Patricia Bays Haoski, a secretary at State Farm Insurance, National Boss’ Day allows employees to show appreciation for their bosses. This Boss’ Day, we are highlighting gifts for the multi-dimensional tech boss. Tech bosses are creative, savvy, and always one meeting away from the next big thing. They created a cyber…

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A Woman’s Work: Women in Technology

We have a lot of work to do. Women are an important part of our society and are making their mark in history. Make no mistake; however, women excelling in technological fields is not something that came to the world in the last few decades. Women have been climbing out the mountain of equality for a long time.

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Having Facebook v.s. a Website

Facebook vs Website

“Does my Business need a website if it has a Facebook?” We have been often asked this very question, and our three-part answer is Yes, Yes, and Yes! Having a Facebook Page for your Business is great, however, your Facebook page should not replace your business’s Website! Think of your Website and your Facebook Business…

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Website Redesign with Purpose


The days of brochure websites are long gone. You know, the websites that you put out there with lots of information about your business and then almost forget about it? Maybe it was updated once a year if there was a change to the company’s hours of operation or pricing. Today, users expect websites to…

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Why Mobile Users Should Not Be Ignored

mobile users

Although it can be funny to see everyone on their phones nowadays, did you know that it can actually be helpful for your business? In fact, it’s so beneficial that you should consider making it as a priority. With a staggering amount of mobile users, we will share some reasons why they should not be…

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Web Design Proposal

milMedia Web Design proposal format

Our Advice Before you request bids on web design you should consider creating a scope of work that can be used by designers to start an estimate or even just start a conversation. To help start the process you should consider the following items: SITE SECTIONS Start with the home page and write an outline…

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