The 3 DON’Ts of Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is tricky and everyone claims to know the secrets of making content that encourages engagement, generates a lead, and most importantly provides value to the user to ensure loyalty to your brand. There are a lot of ways that you can make your brand stick out with sincere marketing that inspires loyalty rather…

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Free Social Media Marketing Resources

Man Sitting at Laptop Content Marketing and Working

Having the ideal social media marketing strategy looks different for everyone, and if you are someone who has been doing your research for a while then you know that it can pretty expensive to implement tools that make your job easier. It might seem like the options are to either do it cheap the hard…

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New Year, New Analytics

Analytics are the backbone of today’s digital media and marketing. It bridges the gaps between business and consumers. They answer the who, what, where, and why for marketing. Though numbers and metrics may not be everything to a business, they do help guide a business towards success. These tips on how to improve your business…

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Maintaining the Conversation Online

Since the beginning of this year, social media and email marketing have been the number one way that people learn things about the world around them. How are you maintaining the conversation? Digital marketing is not another way to tell someone how great you are but rather having a conversation with someone as if you…

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A Guide to Facebook Business Suite

Facebook has taken a turn for the best with the release of their newest feature to assist posting and scheduling for businesses on Facebook and Instagram in the form of Facebook Business Suite. Due to the high demand for posting scheduled posts with the influx of digital marketing following the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic,…

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Small Business Takes Black Friday

online shopping

Put all the costumes away because it is officially time to prepare for the Turkey season! With the arrival of November comes many things like warm coats, planning, and of course Black Friday shopping! It can be easy to write off Black Friday for your business because you do not offer a service or product,…

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The Future of E-Commerce: Instagram

A long time ago, we lived in a world where when people needed something, they would go to their local store and buy it. Somewhere along the way, someone decided that it should be easier and that items should be delivered to your doorstep, allowing people to still get discounts on their purchase when using…

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Is Twitter a Good Platform for Your Business?

           There are so many ways to market your business, but the marketing model does not include a one size fits all agenda. To those who believe a website and a billboard do the job, you have been sadly mistaken. One of the most difficult challenges and also one of the most important goals of marketing…

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The Social Media Platforms that Your Business Needs

Social media is the best way to maximize your community communication. Rather than thinking of social media as entertainment; think of social media marketing as a tool to market, communicate, and reach all people within your demographics. Social media has never been so important as it is in today’s digitally sensitive climate. It is the…

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