The Future of E-Commerce: Instagram

A long time ago, we lived in a world where when people needed something, they would go to their local store and buy it. Somewhere along the way, someone decided that it should be easier and that items should be delivered to your doorstep, allowing people to still get discounts on their purchase when using…

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The Social Media Platforms that Your Business Needs

Social media is the best way to maximize your community communication. Rather than thinking of social media as entertainment; think of social media marketing as a tool to market, communicate, and reach all people within your demographics. Social media has never been so important as it is in today’s digitally sensitive climate. It is the…

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Why You Should Be Using IGTV for your Business!

Why You Should Be Using IGTV for Your Business!

The cell phone is the Bridgeway to all forms of communication. At one point, companies made the cell phone cater to their wishes, whether it be format or marketing strategy, but today the cell phone has companies bending over backward to follow its desires. In 2010, an app came on the scene that would define…

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What is Social Media Marketing?

smartphone and coffee

Social media sites are designed for popular interaction. In recent years, there has been a large uprise in the types of social media platforms available for the public. There are sites like Facebook which allow you to maintain your relationship with close friends and even make new ones. In contrast, Twitter is a platform that…

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