Paid Advertising

Along with organic strategies, paid advertising is another digital marketing tactic companies use to boost traffic. Paid advertising allows companies and/or marketers to have an ad space on websites, search engines, and social media platforms. Usually, a bidding process takes place for the person advertising to “claim” that spot.


Paid ads let you fully embrace a marketing campaign with full customization options at your disposal. Whether you are trying to drive traffic to a website or increase conversions, the customization options allow you to have the potential to reach your goal.


Leave the management to us


At milMedia we specialize in Google  and Facebook Ad management. The platform you use depends on where your customers are, and how they search for your product or service. During our initial consultation we will recommend the best platform and strategy, customized exclusively for your business.


If your customers are spending time on Facebook, there are 9 different types of ads you could do. From video and photo ads to messenger ads, these options allow you to be creative and advertise the product and service that you are selling. You can target consumers by their location, gender, marital status and much more, which makes Facebook a highly recommended option for lead generation.


If your customers are frequently searching for the service you provide on Google, then Google Ads are a great way to stand above the competition in a Google Search. We will create the ad copy, select the keywords to target, run the ads, and then monitor their performance.


There are people searching for the service you provide. We will help connect those customers with your business. If you're ready to get started give us a call or fill out the Consultation form.