Resending Emails

Have you ever spent valuable time crafting the perfect email for your audience, only have less than half of them even open it? All the hard work and you expect more to come from it. Never fear, there is a way to get more people to open your email. Keep on reading to learn when resending an email is a smart business decision.

Getting More Email Opens

The likelihood you will ever get your entire email list to open an email is slim, even with your most engaged readers. So why would you bother to resend an email that wasn’t opened the first time? Does this have a value add for your business?

In short, yes it is valuable to your business and yes you should send it again to those who did not open it the first time. With email automation today it will cost you almost no extra time to set up this extra step and the metrics will show you just how valuable your resends are. While you may need to test a few variables within your re-sent emails, remembering to do these four things will be vital to the success of your resent emails.

1. Work smarter not harder

You put a lot of hard work into creating an email. As long as the quality of the content is there, you just need your subscribers to open the email. So no need to change the content of the email itself. If you are only resending to non-openers they will never notice the content is the same as the last email.

2. Adjust your timing

The best day to resend an email is 4 days after the first one. If you send too quickly it could result in the subscriber viewing the content as spam and removing themselves from your list. By waiting to resend, you are more likely to only resend to those who were never going to open the first email. You can also adjust the time to you are resending your content. If you sent the first one in the early morning maybe you need to adjust and send mid-morning for this group of subscribers. You will never know until you test it and review your metrics.

3. Be Selective

Before you start resending every email to your non-openers, stop and look at all of your campaigns and the outcomes you are looking to drive. Be selective and only resend on the most vital email campaigns you have active. Thinking both about how time sensitive the content message is and the resend as a follow up to your subscribers will help you determine when and if it is best to send them.

4. Update your subject line

When you are resending to your non-openers you have to consider, maybe it was the subject line that did not entice them to open the email. Review your previous emails and see what subject lines have gotten the best open rates. Here is a list of small changes you can make to your subject line to help drive your open rates.

Impact on your business

Remember to keep it simple when you are resending emails to your non-openers. There is no need to craft a new email campaign, just make a few adjustments to the time you are sending and the subject line. Then watch the metrics on your resend. If you receive a similar open rate to the first send, you have already doubled your open rate and your message has reached that many more people.

Are you looking for an email service to help you automate your resends to non-openers? We believe our partner, Constant Contact, is the perfect solution to manage your email marketing from. Start connecting with your customers today with a free trial here. If your business is in need of help setting up your newsletters, email campaigns and initiating resends, reach out to us at milMedia today to see how we can help you.