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TBS/milMedia Headquarters

Originally created by SPC Jason Blanchard, USA in 1998 and now managed by TBSVet, PowerpointRanger is an archive of user donated, pre-made military themed Powerpoint™ Classes. TBS has long been a provider of internet services to the military, and continues this tradition today. We are now a subscription site. To join you must register and pay an annual subscription of ($9.99). Or, upload a fresh, new classes (no duplicates) and you will be given 1-week free access. For a free account, register as a new user and when you reach the payment screen click the Upload a Class link. We will review your file and approve your access (it may take up to 48-hours to confirm).

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The NCO Guide

The NCO Guide is the free communication effort of Command Sergeant Major Dan Elder, US Army Retired, to share relevant knowledge and professional content in a variety of digital formats for consumption for Soldiers while on the go. These vignettes, discussions, interviews and commentary are meant as a way for military members to expand their knowledge and consider other points of view. The articles and dialog come from experienced noncommissioned officers and though they are not endorsed or vetted by the US Army, the address many facets of military service, and may prove useful for your own self development.

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26 Jan 2014

The NCO Historical Society ( is an online, central repository allowing anyone free access to information and material relating to the US Army noncommissioned officer Corps. Though not a brick-and-mortar research center of library holdings, we seek to provide easy access for soldiers, historians, researchers or others seeking to learn more about the professional enlisted Corps of the United States Army as the Center for the Advanced Studies of the US Army NCO

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26 May 2006

Originally created on the free website provider Geocities as The NCO Website in September 1997, SLdotCom is the familiar NCO web portal, now with a clean, updated look and better links. From here you can get in a professional discussion, locate answers to your questions, find hot web sites, or download software and ready-made classes. It is a site directory for Army NCOs, and it is all FREE. Read the story of the original, and watch us as we chart a new course for the future.

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The Cadence Page

The Cadence Page is a tribute page to the original work of Ryan McBeth, a National Guard soldier who originally developed and maintained the original Cadence Page at: The site appears to have run from 1996 to Feb 2006. Though we made numerous attempts to maintain the site, which had not been updated since Oct 2001, the site went down forever in 2006. Topsarge resurrected this great tool and will continue to maintain it for all to use.

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Army Writing Style

At we work to provide you the greatest
FREE resources to help you in your Army writing endeavors,
such as Army Evaluations (OERs and NCOERs), Army Awards, and
Army Correspondence, such as memorandums or official
correspondence. We will work to bring you the latest in
bullet comments, award example, DA Form 638 examples, and
other writing techniques.

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Military PPT is our free Free Army Powerpoint Classes site that is a companion to Powerpoint Ranger. This site offers a few dozen widely sought after military classes and we offer them for free with no sign-ups or registrations required.

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Top Military Guide

In this website you will find a wealth of resources and tips on USA Military’s tools and resources. You will also get to view the videos gallery on videos relating to USA Military. In addition, the articles written here will also give you good information on how to find your right military tools and resources effectively. Feel free to browse through the contents and resources in the website.

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Powerpoint Ranger

PowerpointRanger is our Blog relating to the crazy use in the military of the Microsoft slide software Powerpoint. It is run by the creators of
who have long been a provider of web-based products and services to the Army. Our sites have been providing free and subscription pre-made PowerPoint classes to Army members for over 15-years.

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