Optimize your iPhone, Boost Performance, and Battery Life

Optimized iPhone

Change your Text Message Settings

One of the biggest problems I have seen is iPhone users not deleting their texts and keeping them forever! I’m sure some of you may not know how to make your phone manage this problem for you. Simply go to Settings > Messages

Now you can change the amount of time to keep your messages under Message History. Setting it to a shorter amount of time will help save storage space and time. You can also set your audio and video messages to automatically expire.

Make Sure to Check Your Usage

Many people are unaware of apps running in the background and draining your phone’s battery.

Open your General Settings: General > Usage > Manage Storage

This allows you to configure how much storage space your apps are using.

Some of these iPhone applications take up valuable space which may be slowing your phone down. Make sure to delete unwanted or unused apps using your phones Manage Storage application. If you Delete Certain apps, you can end up losing some saved data as well.

Something I just learned was that your applications may be storing files or information you do not need anymore. You can get rid of this used up space by deleting and reinstalling your applications. Be aware that deleting an app will get rid of all your files associated with that application. Make sure to save your pictures and videos on a computer or on a Google+, iCloud, or Dropbox account before doing so.

Delete any Unwanted Files and Messages

Media files (pictures, audio, podcasts, etc.) take up space too. Although it is nice to look at family pictures sometimes or watch our favorite homemade videos, some of them must go. It is better to Automatically Back Up your pictures and videos onto a Google+ or Dropbox account. This allows you to delete your valuable files from your phone since they will be stored somewhere else.

Minimize the Number of Notifications on your iPhone

It’s a good idea to get rid of unwanted or unused notifications. Believe it or not, these notifications can drain your battery. To disable these pesky notifications, go to Settings > Notification Center > Include and Do Not Include > tap on the category you want and configure your notification settings.

Credits: Apple, TechRadar