New Year, New Analytics

Analytics are the backbone of today’s digital media and marketing. It bridges the gaps between business and consumers. They answer the who, what, where, and why for marketing. Though numbers and metrics may not be everything to a business, they do help guide a business towards success. These tips on how to improve your business using your analytics are a great start to reaching your goals.

1. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an essential piece of marketing. While brand awareness can’t be measured in solid metrics, it can be measured in other ways. One being traffic to a website. Analytics measure how many people access a website within a timeframe. This lets businesses and their team know if their branding is successful towards their target audience

2. Change Your Marketing Plan

Analytics help you put your best foot forward. Their insight allows businesses to tailor their marketing to their niche audience. Changing hashtags or choosing a different day of the week to post content are a couple of ways analytics can reshape your marketing plan. They also show who’s engaging with content thus allowing businesses the ability to maintain or redirect content to their target audience. 

3. Re-establish the Conversation

This year proved that it is important to put action behind words. 2020 allowed brands and businesses to reevaluate how they presented themselves to their audience and if they were participating in a two-way conversation. Business analytics allow business owners and their teams to see the impact of their conversations with customers. If owners and their teams see they are not receiving the interaction they anticipated, they can adjust based on their analytics to focus on the concerns of their target audience.  

4. Conversion

Ultimately, the goal of marketing is conversion. Businesses want their customers to buy their products or services. Analytics will allow businesses to see how much conversion is happening. This is vital for leveraging where a company can change or redirect its attention. 

Numbers may not be everything when it comes to determining success. However, analytics assist in ensuring that a business and its team are putting their best foot forward.