Network Encryption VS Server-Side Encryption VS Data Breaches

Network Encryption VS Server-Side Encryption VS Data Breaches

Pick two! That is right, of the three mentioned you get to choose two to have.

Network Encryption

Also known as client-side encryption is the process of encrypting data on the network before it is transmitted out of the network. This type of encryption has a lot of benefits including feeling secure knowing that your information is encrypted at the source and cannot be intercepted in transit to the desired destination. There is a lot of peace of mind knowing that if your network is breached, all your data is already encrypted.

Server-Side Encryption

Server-side encryption is the encryption of data at the server destination when it is received. This is crucial for any website that is up and running as it is all stored on a server. milMedia offers web hosting so that you can focus on business and not worry about the security issues involved in owning a website. It is imperative that you have proper maintenance and security with your website, and you are sure to secure the server it is hosted on. It is common practice to mitigate security risks by choosing properly vetted hosting companies, but you will need to research what plan you will need and the up time availability that the hosts offers. If this sounds confusing then you can go with a maintenance plan offered by milMedia that will keep your website secure and up to date.

Data Breaches

Data breaches are on the rise throughout the entire world. A data breach is a security incident which information is accessed without authorization. This can happen to anyone at any time which is why encrypting vulnerable data is so important. Once your data is stolen it is sold online for anybody to purchase. This can potentially affect your entire life if your credit is stolen and sold or if they take your employees information!

Pick two, leave one

Out of all the topics mentioned above, you can pick any two and leave one. You cannot have only network encryption and be completely safe from data breaches due to the vulnerabilities on the servers that store your information. Same with server-side encryption because then your network is vulnerable for attackers. The most common way to defend against data breaches is to utilize a combination of Network (client-side) Encryption to secure the data on your network and Server-Side encryption to secure the data on the web. Always remember to stay one step ahead of security and be vigilant in defense!