Military Appreciation

Military Appreciation

Here at milMedia, a majority of our employees are military-affiliated. We understand that life has its curveballs, and that’s why strives to provide equal opportunity to military-affiliated families. We have asked a couple of members of our team to share their experiences.

Christy Hernandez

Digital Marketing Specialist

Being a military spouse, you are expected to be ready to pick up and move with little to no notice. milMedia Group has provided me with the assurance of communication and encouragement in case of this situation. milMedia Group allows me to be creative with my work, and the company is open to new ideas. I like to refer to the team as a family because we have all created bonds with one another. The bonds that we have created feed into our collaboration. Making our projects a true success.

If I could have it my way I wouldn’t leave the milMedia Team. They have opened doors and opportunities for me in terms of job enrichment and experience. Every day I am learning new things! If the time does come where my family moves to the next duty station I know that I might not be apart of the milMedia Team, but I will always be apart of the milMedia Family!

Alyssa Mosher

Sales Representative

The truth of the matter is you have no control over your life and career as a military spouse. Some duty stations are better than others– you could get a great job before shortly having to leave it for a minimum wage position despite your college degree, potential, or experience. You are one of many men and women who are moving to your new duty station to try to do precisely what you are– which is to find a career. After a battle between loneliness, confusion, and culture-shock, you finally see where you belong. You settle into a job, into a new group of people and then the carpet is ripped from under your feet, and you have to start all over again.

When I heard of milMedia amid the insanity of the job search, they were doing things differently. They had listened to my story a million times before and understood the worth that I brought to the team. They have been flexible with my schedule and understanding when it comes to prioritizing my Army husband and family members. A lot of places claim to support military families but put them in a position where they are either underpaid and overworked. milMedia Group has been so supportive of my progression by placing me in a career and helping me develop skills that I can take with me when I leave.

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