Maintaining the Conversation Online

Since the beginning of this year, social media and email marketing have been the number one way that people learn things about the world around them. How are you maintaining the conversation?

Digital marketing is not another way to tell someone how great you are but rather having a conversation with someone as if you ran into them one day. The best way to make a friend is not to tell them how good of a friend that you would be, but rather to maintain a conversation that interests them into wanting to get to know you better. So how do you do that with your business? How do you make it to where someone wants to return to your brand in the same way that they want to continue making an effort to be a part of your life? What kind of account are you?

  1. The Needy Friend

Does your social media and email marketing talk about you too much? Are you reaching out to the community too often with only new about you? Do you beg for likes and attention on social media? You might have the “Needy Friend” strategy. This strategy promotes quantity promotion over building quality relationships. The biggest issue with this strategy is that you will have a hard time retaining followers when all you are focused on is making a sale. Ask yourself, if you were someone who looked at your social media account or newsletter for the first time, would you want to do business with this company? Give yourself harsh analysis and feedback so that you can identify the flaws in your strategy. No one wants to invest time in a friendship where that friend is always asking something from them. Maintaining the conversation means that you identify your flaws so that the relationship can grow and develop. 

The Needy Friend Conversation
  1. The Ghosting Friend

We all know how frustrating it can be to be left hanging when you make plans to see someone. Communication is equally as important in maintaining a friendship as it is in maintaining a customer relationship. If you post regularly and then all of the sudden your posts reduce in quality or stop altogether, the odds are that your clients and customers will stop thinking about you and stop seeking a relationship with you. When your business stops posting for a week or more, you are changing the conversation from, “I am here to help you” to “I have nothing to say. Sorry.” Maintaining the conversation with your community also means having one in the first place. Prioritize going out of your way to communicate with your community. 

The Ghosting Friend Conversation
  1. The Silent Observer

If you have ever been in a group chat with a large group of people, you know that there is always one person who reads the conversation, but never engages. Because of this, you can forget that they are there and even be surprised when you see them in public. This is what it is like, when people like and engage your posts and you do not engage back! Being responsive and inclusive is incredibly important. No conversation works if only one person is talking and everyone else is listening. That is called a conference, the probability of people coming up to you and speaking to you one-on-one after the engagement might be a possibility, but no one would consider getting up on stage with you to ask you a question. Create an environment that hears and see everyone! If you are tagged in a post, respond! If someone comments on your post, engage! The silent observer might be a part of the group, but they are terrible at maintaining the conversation so that people can get to know them.