Livestreaming Can Help Your Business

Camera filming a man

Have you ever looked at photos or a short clip from an event and wondered what it was like? Maybe you want to see what the event is really, without pretty edits or as a polished ad. Livestreaming can not only be the solution but also a great marketing tactic for businesses and influencers.

Being More Intimate with Customers

When businesses livestream, they can show consumers more of an authentic side of themselves in a variety of ways. By connecting to consumers via livestream, they have a better understanding of what you are trying to explain. Here are a couple ways to use livestreaming to connect with existing customers or people who have an interest in your brand.

It Opens up Real-Time Communication with Customers

Livestreams give you the opportunity for real-time communication with consumers that other platforms fail to accomplish. Social media limits you to text based posts that can be misconstrued. Although press releases can explain decisions and can be great for promotion, brand followers might not see it as authentic. Clear messaging that is understood by consumers should be the goal and livestreams can make that happen.

Live Q&A

By making the livestream a Q&A, you can answer burning questions, whether about the business or personal life from brand followers. This lets consumers feel they have more of a connection to the brand. The Q&A will also let you expand on questions that may not be properly answered with a social media post or a video. This is because people watching the livestream can further question why you had an answer they might not agree with. Giving you the chance to explain your mindset and issues surrounding your situation when making a decision. Say you owned a popular business in Killeen, TX, and it was time to create a second location. Instead of moving to a different city in Central Texas, say Austin, you decide to put the new location in another part of Killeen. You can easily set up a livestream and answer any questions regarding the second location.

Tutorials and Advice

Another great way to use livestreams is to give tutorials and advice. Doing this will allow you to put out more content without making it seem like you are just pushing a new product. As far as tutorials, show people how to setup one of your products and see how it is in action. Instructions can also be clarified during more difficult steps in the construction process.

For advice, this can be geared towards a topic that is pre-planned or asking your brand followers on social media what should be covered. Although advice and tutorials can be covered in YouTube videos, viewers enjoy the context and “raw opinions” that can be given during the livestream.  

Using Livestreaming as a Marketing Tool

Livestreaming not only has many opportunities for real-time conversation but is underutilized as a marketing tool. Not only can you promote an upcoming livestream but also after the livestream is over. Here are some key tactics when handling marketing for a livestream and the content.

Use It To Make Special Announcements

One of the special aspects of marketing a livestream is the opportunity of making a special announcement there. By letting your followers know you plan on making an announcement, you can start to generate interest.

Integrate Promotions or Call To Actions

During the livestream, you will have the ability to either premiere a sale or order an action. If you are premiering a sale, you can explain the details of it, and at the same time, show off the products included. There is also the ability to do a call to action during the livestream. For example, say you are a popular, but niche clothing store in Central Texas, you can show off the clothes during the livestream while at the same time posting pictures of every piece of clothing on social media. Then ask viewers to like, retweet, and share the post. You can even make it a vote and say the picture that has the most activity on social media will get the biggest discount!

Post Updates About Livestream On Social Media

An aspect that cannot be missed is updating your social media with information about the livestream while it’s happening. Whether it is an announcement, quotables, moving on to the next topic, or interesting tidbits. In a previous blog, we explained why Twitter is important, and this is just another reason! By posting updates on Twitter and other platforms, you will allow people to see what is going on and get them interested to start watching the livestream. Lastly, it gives people unable to watch the ability to stay updated.

Putting the Livestream On YouTube

The last action to do after the livestream is finished is to post it as a video on YouTube. This lets people that missed it get to watch and for those who want to see it again. It also gives you the opportunity to push it out as content and promote it the days following the livestream’s completion.

Starting the Stream

Streaming not only gives you the ability to connect on a more intimate level, but to have questions, comments, and concerns answered in real time. The important aspect in the end is that not only do they have to be planned but can also be impromptu. Allowing you to be flexible and quickly address concerns. If you want to start doing livestreams and need updates on Twitter or Facebook, milMedia offers social media management. You can learn more about our social media services here.