Instagram Hacks You Need

Liking an Instagram photo

Instagram is a space where everyone is welcome, yet there are so many businesses that have not welcomed it into their marketing strategy.

It can be intimidating to add yet another platform to your marketing to-do list, but there is so much about the platform that can make it easy for your business to get recognized by a potential customer, partner, or interested party. If you are not seeing growth on this platform, you might not know about some hacks that Instagram has that can help grow your business’ presence online.

Hack #1: Your Audience

For our first hack, we will talk about the “Audience” feature on Instagram. This feature on Instagram shows you who you are having a conversation with through your marketing strategy. Knowing who you are talking to and posting accordingly will help people find you on your page. Instagram houses over 1 billion people and connects groups of all ages and backgrounds to their fullest potential. We know that most Instagram users are between the ages of 25-34 meaning that Instagram is the perfect place to build your brand. 

Demographics on Instagram as of October 2020.

Here are 3 Easy Steps to View Your Audience

  1. Go to your Instagram Profile.
  2. Select “Insights.” 
  3. Find the “Your Audience” option and select See All.
Marketing Tip:

Social media marketing should feel like a conversation for the user, but in the same way that you adjust the way that you speak depending on who you are speaking to—knowing your target audience can be helpful before developing a strategy. Your target audience is the group of people that you are trying to communicate within your marketing strategy, whether that is a specific age group, specific characteristics, or locals in the area.

Hack #2: Hack-shtag

Hashtags are great ways to highlight topics that people are searching for. Rather than trying to find your audience, go to where they reside which is under specific hashtags that people either search often or interact with the most. Hashtags are not as simple as you might think. The use of one or two really helpful hashtags can take the place your endless list of unrelated hashtags. Using the appropriate hashtag that correctly correspond to your content is KEY when growing your platform online. 

How to Use Hashtags to Target Your Demographic

Let’s say you own a shoe company and you want to show off your shoes to shoe-lovers! When you search the word shoes under the tags option, you can see what people are posting about that topic and how many people are posting about that topic. If you notice, the most popular posts are shown on the first page and the most recent posts are shown on the second page. So although you might have some luck following a hashtag as general as “shoes” it might be difficult to be noticed in the pool of other people posting about shoes. Rather than just using general hashtag, tap on the account of someone who liked the post and see what hashtags they were following to discover the post.

Let’s recap!

  1. Search your topic in the tags option of the Instagram search bar. 
  2. Select a photo with a lot of likes.
  3. Tap on one of the users who liked the post, and then select the “Following” option on their profile.
  4. If their account is following a lot of shoe companies select the “Hashtags” option under the following tab. 
  5. In this section you will see what key hashtags and phrases brought them to liking a company which will help you build a marketing strategy that works for that demographic. 
Marketing Tip: 

This hack is most effective if you do research on that demographic and collect data on where that demographic exists on Instagram. Try using resources like “Hashtagify” to discover trending hashtags that can align with your brand. Do research before you post them so that your content is relative to the topic. Using as many targets for your demographic as possible such as location, interests, and behavior online. 

Hack #3: Saved Replies AKA the Life-Saver

Although, it is so wonderful to have the opportunity to connect with users over direct message, it can become difficult to find the time to respond to the questions that users are asking or the content that your users interact with. Saved Replies is an amazing feature that can save you time without costing you a meaningful connection. Responding to your direct messages quickly is so important to building credibility as a brand and not just an image. This feature goes beyond the automatic response feature and allows for you to anticipate the needs of your users so that they receive a quick and helpful reply! 

How to Set Up Saved Replies

  1. Go to your page and select the three horizontal lines in upper right corner. 
  2. Select “Settings” and then select the “Business” option. 
  3. From this page select “Saved Replies.”
  4. You will be able to set up a response with keywords that correspond to your message.

Marketing Tip:

Think about the responses that you are crafting before you make them. Think about the voice of your company, or the message you want to convey. Are you relatable to your users? Are you professional? What is the voice of your company and how do you want to be portrayed? Make sure that the voice that you use is consistent across your website, your social media platforms, and all marketing material. 

Here is an example of our established company voice!

5-Second Summary

In order to make waves on Instagram and to grow your platform, remember to target your demographics by collecting and keeping track of the data of the people who are on your platform and who you want to be on your platform. Using hashtags can allow you to become relevant in a meaningful way among key topics that people have interacted with. Lastly, speed up your communication with your clients by using the “Saved Replies” feature that allows you to provide accurate and helpful responses to your users when you receive direct messages with the use of a keyword that automatically populates your response.

Try these hacks today!