Importance of Email Marketing​

Importance of Email Marketing​

When was the last time you checked your email? There are 4 types of people when it comes to checking their email. Are you that person that check’s your email at the same time every day, Once a week, Anytime your phone goes off, or You don’t.  Which one are you? If you are one of those people that does not check your email often, then you are probably thinking, “Why is Email Marketing Important?” Then let me tell you seven reasons why Email Marketing is so important:

1. Almost everyone has email

If you are at least 16 years old and live in the United States, but you do not have an email, then you need one! In most cases you must provide an email when applying for a job, a bank account, getting a cell phone, etc. Since almost everyone has an email it is a great way to reach people about company updates, promotions, and engagement.

2. Mobile Devices allow for easy access

Not only do most people have an email account, but most people also have a cell phone or other mobile devices giving them access to their email. It is important when drafting your email campaigns to make them mobile-friendly. Emails and newsletters can appear out of order when viewed on a mobile device, if the email is drafted to fit the desktop view.

3. Sign Up Forms

Sign up forms allow people to sign up for a company’s mailing list for promotions, updates, etc. Most people sign up to get a discount, let’s be honest. It works though! Promotions and discounts are a great way to incentivize your target market to sign up for your email list. Yes, people like discounts, but they are less likely to sign up if they are not interested in what you have to say or sell. You should have multiple sign up forms, each form should give you a location of entry. For example, if people are signing up on your website, then your form would be labeled “Website,” if you have a sign-up form on Facebook then you would label it “Facebook.”

4. Targeted Messaging

When drafting your emails, you can personalize them by inserting the receivers name. Personalizing your email to your target market you are about to better define their needs. Your audience might not always know what they want, but you can provide idea about what they might need. Never assume that your target market does not know what they want but explain what you are able to provide. Your company should ALWAYS be open to customer feedback, they are the ones experiencing/using your product/services.

5. Keep in touch

A great way to use your email marketing campaign is to simply keep in touch! Not all emails need to push promotions. Yeah, I know, “Why would I send an email without promoting?” Seems impossible right? Well, it’s not, and here is why: some people believe in the value of particular companies. Your audience may be curious about your values and mission, and others may be curious about the “behind the scenes. If you have access to this information, then let them know. Let your audience know what you are doing as a company and be sure to share your intentions for the future. This also helps to build brand awareness.

6. Increased Brand Awareness

As a company, you always want to increase brand awareness. Increased awareness translates to increased income. When companies are starting out, they depend on their local communities. A lot of times their consumers are their friends and family until their audience eventually grows. Brand awareness is not something that happens overnight. To achieve brand awareness, those within the company work hard day and night to achieve. Use your email marketing campaigns to help spread brand awareness about your company, and encourage those on your sign up list to share with their friends and family.

7. Measurable

After you send your email using different programs on being Constant Contact, you are able to measure and review the efforts of each email campaign you send. Being able to review how many people are opening your emails, clicking buttons or links, etc. can help you create future campaigns. Take advantage of these results to know what works and does not work for your company.

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