Why You Should Be Using IGTV for your Business!

Why You Should Be Using IGTV for Your Business!

The cell phone is the Bridgeway to all forms of communication. At one point, companies made the cell phone cater to their wishes, whether it be format or marketing strategy, but today the cell phone has companies bending over backward to follow its desires. In 2010, an app came on the scene that would define communication for the next decade. Instagram was one of the first apps designed solely for the cellphone. The company proceeded to write the rules for how companies would view digital media from that point on. It grew and changed with the times for the times. The world now looks to Instagram for information. Everything from politics to fashion, even new forms of comedy in the form of every popular baby Yoda memes. Let us not forget to mention the most effective way of engagement, IGTV, which launched in June of 2018.

In the past two years, the priority for the market is to discover how to make content with this tool that is not only informative but keeps the viewer paying attention to the information. Learning how to use IGTV to its fullest ability is crucial to the future of your business. It has so many capabilities that are being used in industries today but do not take my word for it– trust the numbers.

“96% of Mobile Consumption is Vertical”

Instagram is the most used app when it comes to vertical viewing. When it came out in 2010, it was one of the only apps that you could not flip sideways. It essentially predicted the user would change how they wanted to view media. It is better not to try to fix what is not broken. If you know that the majority of your viewers will be using Instagram to view information, the best thing that you can do is follow the people. We know that your viewers are going to be looking for content via people who are catering to the vertical view. If your marketing strategies do not include catering to your potential clientele which, as we know, is statistically viewing your content on the phone, then what are you possibly using your marketing for?

“200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily”

Instagram is no longer simply a tool used to showcase a vacation but is the hotspot for marketing your business. For those who are still in the belief that users on Instagram are not a fan of learning about business, you’re mistaken. The app provides a hub of information, whether it be on the news about political initiatives, updates from celebrities, and, most important, what businesses they want to support. Today, a big priority for business is personalization. Your clients want to know what you are working on and what they need to do to help you. Building your fanbase will be a crucial step that you need to take your company into the public eye. There is an entire market that wants to get behind a company with a mission. Talk to your clients and viewers about who you are.

“73% of U.S. teens say Instagram is the best way for brands to reach them about new products or promotions.”

 A marketing initiative that you should be prioritizing is IGTV videos. People of all ages will have the opportunity to view your products and services more tangibly. This has been proven effective with the millions of dollars that have been spent on Instagram. A great example of this method is through ambassadors. Ambassadors are people who build an image with your brand by using their brand. For example, let’s say there is a famous singer who is known for drinking coffee in most of her Instagram stories and posts. So Starbucks approaches her and says, “If you just drink or promote our coffee while relating to your fans as you normally do, we will pay you X dollars.” A lot of clothing companies use this method. Most of these major brands try to market to viewers by using celebrities or social media personalities. It is a genius marketing strategy that allows for people to associate something with someone famous. Whether you chose to use brand ambassadors or to include a video of someone talking about or using your product, people will trust your content more than they would by photos.

“IGTV statistically gets more engagement than standard videos.”

Instagram is making a significant change very soon. There will no longer be able to see the likes on your posts. This means that there will be no tangible sign to see if your business is getting traction unless you are paying attention to engagement. Engagement is a technical term for whether or not your product is creating a virtual conversation through its brand. Engagement is the most reliable way to track the success of your brand. It is not only the most crucial factor to measure but the most challenging thing to encourage influx. Your marketing strategy should be focusing on engaging with your clientele. Today, everyone will notice if you are fake or insincere in your ads or commercials. Instead of talking to your users, talk with your users. People are more trusting of things that they feel like they understand. The attention span of your users is growing smaller, and IGTV is a way to capture them. IGTV can help you get more engagement on your content, which means more shares, more comments, and more conversations. IGTV grabs the attention of your viewer in the first 30-seconds, and if the viewer would like to watch the rest of the video, they can tap a button that says, “Continue Watching.” This tiny button can give you information about whether or not your content is compelling and therefore getting more engagement.

There are always going to be tools that help you succeed, but not all of them have this many statistics– statistics to support the fact that IGTV is the best option for growing your business.