Gift Guide for the Solopreneur

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. While many are getting ready for endless celebrations, there are a few who never know when to stop working. The solopreneur is a one-person show. They are the boss and employees of their business. A true jack of all trades. 

So what do you get someone who can do everything? Look no further, we’ve compiled a gift guide for the solopreneur in your life.

1. Yeti Blue Microphone

This microphone is perfect for the solopreneur who streams or participates in podcasts. It’s compatible with PC and Mac, so they will not have to worry about connection. Its settings allow users to record in any atmosphere. The mute and volume buttons are easily accessible, featured on the front of the mic. 

The Yeti Blue Microphone is also great for voice-overs, interviews, conference calls, and vocals. A solopreneur can test new avenues of their business and get creative with no worries. 

2. Subscription to Skillshare

Remember how solopreneurs are the jack of all trades? Well, Skillshare will allow them to expand their trades. If there is something they are not familiar with this service offers classes for them to learn from experts. Whether it’s learning marketing techniques for Instagram or creating an art piece, there is something for everyone. 

This service is perfect for anyone on-the-go. The best part? It’s self paced. A Skillshare subscription costs $19 per month or $99 per year.

3. Customized Planner


Organization is key to managing a business solo. A customized planner is perfect for a solopreneur who needs to jot things down and keep track of appointments and meetings. Digital is great, but sometimes we just need to write things down. Also, they will be able to add their personality to their planner and modify it to fit their business. It’s fun and efficient. 

The solopreneur is a go-getter and never backs down from a challenge. These gifts are sure to help them in their journey towards success.