Gift Guide for Boss’ Day!

Gift Guide National Boss' Day Graphic

Established in 1958 by Patricia Bays Haoski, a secretary at State Farm Insurance, National Boss’ Day allows employees to show appreciation for their bosses. This Boss’ Day, we are highlighting gifts for the multi-dimensional tech boss. Tech bosses are creative, savvy, and always one meeting away from the next big thing. They created a cyber world challenging how we use our time and reshaped how business is conducted. Whether you are a gift-giving expert or novice, here is a sure-fire gift guide for tech bosses. 

1. Leather Charger Roll Up Kit

 A leather charger roll up accessories kit is a perfect gift for your team leader on the go. The roll-up comes with pockets that easily fit chargers, earphones, and any small essential your boss may need. It is small enough to fit any bag. You can personalize it with your boss’s initials. It is a great gift for a minimalistic tech boss.

2. Brooklyn Tech Envelope 

The Brooklyn Tech Envelope offers a bit more than the leather roll-up kit. Your boss can store their cards, charger, earphones, phone, and tablet. This envelope is a one-stop-shop for every tech boss. Whether it’s a meeting at a coffee shop or a team-building session at a golf course, they will not lose even the smallest of their essential items.

3. Marble Engraved Keepsake

Bosses are more than people who run a company, they are mentors who teach us valuable lessons. For the leader who doubles as a mentor, an engraved keepsake is the perfect gift to remind them of their importance and the support they have from their staff. This marble engraved keepsake serves as a reminder and beautiful addition to their office. 

4. Massage Pillow

Closing deals, managing software, and maintaining a business can be a stressful feat. This massage pillow is perfect for the large and in-charge leader who can never get away from a screen or a chance to sit down. However, it also serves as a shoulder, back, and foot massager with heat relaxation. 

These gifts are just a slither of the endless gifts for a tech boss, but they are a great starting point. They are practical, reusable, and stylish. No matter where you fall in the gift-giving category, your fearless leader is sure to reciprocate the appreciation shown through these gifts.