What Is Friendsourcing & Can It Help In 2018?

friendsourcing with friends and trusted networks

Friendsourcing is sourcing trusting information to friends or others who trust you on the internet. Business owners and entrepreneurs know that collaborating with others is a key element to growing your business or group. It can help a small group of people create a buzz on the internet over time and effort. Every company owner knows that the more referrals you have, the better. It is all about networking and reaching out to the correct people to build your business.

When you think about friend sourcing, think about a group of people who share everything in common. It’s a smaller group of people that share more needs and likes in comparison to a large network.

Opposed to crowdsourcing, friend sourcing aims to grow a group of people who are experts in a subject. Picture it like a team of professionals with the same job, the only difference may be their skills and amount of knowledge of the job. These groups may have a common goal or customer but can also help each other spark new ideas. These entrepreneurs and businesses that you can potentially reach can provide you with trusted information. You wouldn’t go to a barber and expect him or her to help you fix your car, you wouldn’t trust him/her completely with that information. But. you would trust a doctor when they consult you about what medicines to take or even diets to follow.

Friendsourcing in 2018

Most trusted friend sourcing happens through networking, social media, and other sites today. Companies and friends are known to use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other social media sources to spread the word about their products and services. Today, millions of people across the globe are friend sourcing every type of product, service, ads, memes, and even videos you can imagine. There is no limit as to what the world wide web can do for you and everyone else.

Some of the best startup companies succeeded through friend sourcing. They took advantage of the precious opportunities they had and got friends, family, and others to help them grow their dreams.

Unless You Try

The best way for you to reach out to the public is by shooting your shot. Nobody ever became successful by waiting around and wishing for their dreams to come true. Start by building your own network of people and work on expanding that network as you grow as well.

Think about it, websites like Youtube help connect people who are navigating through their videos. Many people join in on the comments section of these videos and connect with others across the globe who share the same opinion.

Your first step can be as simple as posting something neat on Facebook. For example, sharing a post on Facebook is considered sourcing information. It does not matter if it is a video, blog post, product, hyperlink, etc. If the source is shared and trusted, you have already friend sourced.

If you share something on the web then, a friend who likes the idea may share it on Facebook or Twitter. That friend then has more friends who like the information you shared, share your post, and so on…This later can earn you a good reputation with people you don’t directly know. But remember, you must keep on working and exposing your company to the network you created.

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