Free Social Media Marketing Resources

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Having the ideal social media marketing strategy looks different for everyone, and if you are someone who has been doing your research for a while then you know that it can pretty expensive to implement tools that make your job easier. It might seem like the options are to either do it cheap the hard way or do it easy to expensive way, but there are many affordable and even free resources for small businesses to use when starting their social media journey. 

Keep In Mind

Let’s get into some of the key things that you will want to consider before making a marketing strategy on social media. Firstly, it is important to remember that content performs differently on all platforms. So a feed post that performed well on your business’ Facebook might not perform as well on your Instagram feed because the demographics and brand conversation are different on both platforms. Secondly, before posting something think about the message that you are wanting to convey. If you are posting a picture of your product and the workspace that you are showcasing is messy, what does that say about your brand? Lastly, think about the voice of your business. When you post, what voice do the clients here? One that is overly excited (sometimes fake) or dull and mundane. Create a clear understanding of what you want to sound like and create content that looks, sounds, and feels like your small business. 

Free Scheduled Posting

The first resource that you should be using to free up your schedule and provide consistent posting and involvement is Facebook Business Suite. The company has combined its single platform scheduling capabilities with Instagram so that you can post your content on two platforms. Facebook Business Suite allows for you to have one space to view your engagements, demographic, and other analytics such as best performing times for your content. Facebook Business Suite does have some cons—one of which is that you are unable to post Instagram stories. 

Marketing Tip: 

Instagram does not show high engagement for update and progress posts unless you are interacting on Stories. This may explain why they do not allow you to schedule Stories. Stories are a great resource for interacting with our community in a way that will not disturb your marketing strategy, although they should still align with your strategy for the best results.

Free and Easy Graphic Design

Creating content and graphics that interest your audience online can be difficult to come by and expensive to create with resources like Photoshop. An easy-to-use alternative for traditional graphic design would be Canva. Canva provides templates of designs for inspiration that you can edit, swap, add and customize to your liking. Additionally, Canva has different size variations for you to create content for the appropriate platform. Another great thing about the site is your ability to upload your own images, videos, and logos so that you can create custom designs with your branding. 

Marketing Tip:

Branding is not just the colors and logos that your company is known for, but everything from the typography (or fonts you use) to the way that your company portrays itself to the user. Try using a consistent voice( or tone used for communication in your content) and colors in your content so that users can recognize your brand.

Free Social Media Planning

Although it sounds simple to create content and schedule it, there is a lot of extra steps that go into these sorts of things. We all know of that one account that accidentally posts the same content twice or themed content on the wrong days. That is why using resources like Trello comes in handy when you are planning your strategy. Trello allows you to create and keep track of your content in an easy-to-understand and orderly fashion. 

Marketing Tip:

Use one of the templates in the app that has a calendar and input holidays and special events first according to your company calendar. This will allow for you to post relevant content and integrate event promotion into your marketing strategy. Lastly, do not stick too strongly to the calendar that your marketing strategy is not agile enough for the unexpected. Your users and followers know when you are not being sincere online

5-Second Summary

It is not always sustainable for businesses to invest hundreds of dollars in their marketing resources upfront until they have generated more leads from their social media marketing strategy which is why knowing your resources is so important. There are many affordable resources that can help you develop a marketing plan that works for your small business. The first marketing resource is Facebook Business Suite which allows you to schedule content to Facebook and Instagram as well as view analytics and demographic data. The second marketing resource is Canva which allows you to make free original graphic designs without having to be an expert graphic designer. The last resource is Trello which helps you plan and map out your marketing strategy in an easy-to-use system so that you never miss a beat. Try all of these today with the hashtag #milMediaMadeMe with your thoughts! We want to hear from you!