The Importance of Twitter

In your personal life, Twitter might be seen as someone’s “diary”. A way for a friend, family member, or even acquaintance to express how they are feeling. Although you might find it confusing or annoying that your friend is tweeting about everything, it can be a good thing. Tweeting can also be helpful for a[…]

Black Friday Digital Marketing Tips

  As Black Friday approaches, it can be easy for businesses to get lost in the shuffle when promoting their sales. Franchises such as Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and now Amazon are main hubs that people go to spend their money on the latest technology and other hot items. These businesses are trying to compete[…]

Google SEO

10 Ways to Increase your Website’s Google Ranking (SEO)

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Search engine optimization refers to the collection of methods as to which a website is optimized to rank higher in searches. SEO is most often done to make your website show up higher, and more frequently when users are searching for related keywords on search engines such as Google[…]

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media sites are designed for popular interaction. In the recent years, there has been a large uprise in the types of social media platforms available for the public. There are sites like Facebook which allow you to maintain your relationship with close friends and even make new ones. In contrast, Twitter is a platform that was[…]

What is email marketing and how to start?

What is Email Marketing and how to start?

Beleive it or not, Email Marketing is one of the most powerful tools that help bring in more customers and keep your current customers engaged. It is a swift way to give your recipients another reason as to why your website and company are the best fit for them. Marketing through email also saves you[…]

Google update made for mobile speed

The next Google update is right around the corner

Some of you might recall that we brought up the new Google update that is scheduled to be effective by July 2018. It’s important that you optimize your website for mobile speed or Google might bring you down after the update goes into effect. Google knows that companies are focusing on customer experience on their[…]

clean cache search optimization

Optimize your Google Cache

We here at milMedia Group were doing some repair work on a site that had what was believed to be a protected area that wasn’t, and sensitive data was crawled and reported by Google in search results. Getting the document offline is the simple part, but Google has a memory with its Google cache and quick view features that could leave your document available for viewing for days or weeks before Google crawls your site again and cleans up the links. Here are some tips that may help you prevent that type of problem, or what you can do when it has happened and you are trying to pull it back in a timely manner.

First off, one of the challenges of establishing a new website is the matter of getting the word out as fast as possible. I usually find myself submitting new sites to a variety of crawlers, spiders and search engines to improve the likelihood of it being found, and of course, none is quite as big as Google. So, ensuring the right place using the proper search engine optimization (SEO) tactics is usually high on my list, and restricting crawlers and bots is not always high on the new site owners list. And, if you start off small with a few pages and then grown, you have to continue to assess what you need to protect, and how. In this case, a misconfigured module restricted access due to login/password combination but allowed a directory to be crawled without requiring credentials. From there is where our triage and actions began.


Happy valentine's day from milmedia group

Best Valentine’s Day pictures to post 2018

Every time the holidays come around, I want to post something nice but I can’t seem to find something post worthy. Well, this year I decided to create something nice for all you Valentine’s Day lovers. These are the best Valentine’s day pictures to post this 2018. Trust us, if you look up Valentine’s day pictures on[…]

Get ready for the next google update

Optimize Your Mobile Speed & Get Ready For The Next Google Update

Photo Credit: Search Engine Land Have you ever Googled something on your phone and it seems to take forever to load? Well lucky for us, Google is doing its best to get rid of that problem for us. The latest Google update that is scheduled to start working in June is out in the news.[…]

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