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Although it may seem simple, creating a great color palette for website design can be a pretty difficult task. Picking out a good color scheme for your website design must be done carefully. This doesn’t mean it should be something you stress about, but choosing the perfect colors for your design should be one of your main priorities.

Some of the key questions you might ask yourself are:

  • What colors should I use for my logo?
  • What colors work for my design?
  • What message am I trying to convey with my color scheme?
  • Will others like or hate my design?

Choosing the best color scheme can be tough. It can either make or break your web project.

But don’t worry, many people have a tough time figuring which colors they should use on their projects. Therefore, we have decided to help you out and create a simple strategy guide to help you determine what colors are best for your web creation:

Choose what primary color you will be using for your digital design or image

First thing’s first, choose a color that will help your targeted audience distinguish you from every other website or brand out there.

People may react differently towards your design depending on the color you choose. This is because colors are said to be linked to emotions.

Emotions Brought out by Colors-Creating a Great Color Palette

Popular companies choose their colors with a purpose. They want to make sure their targeted audience is engaged just by looking at an appropriately pleasing color selection. For example, most of us know how McDonald’s logo looks. It is red and yellow which is featured in most of their packaging and on their website.

Credits: Ads Of the World

In the same sense, people will remember your website or brand depending on how good it looks. If your artistic design looks amazing, people are more likely to trust your company. If your audience trusts your company, you are more likely to gain loyal clients.

If you don’t know how to choose a primary color, you can find an online color picker or palette that can suggest great ideas.

You can find a good selection of color palettes in our latest article: 6 Great Websites to help with your Color Scheme

Figure what colors will work best to compliment your project

 green, peach, and pink- Creating a Great Color Palette

Every web design should have more than one color. If you leave your website with only one color it can end up looking bland and ugly.

These supporting colors should help point all the attention to your main color. Some of the hottest web designs are composed of duotone colors. This is good because adding too many colors can disturb your audiences vision.

Duotone- an image that is made up of two colors.

Lucky for you, there are color matching tools online.

Here are two great ones to check out:

Paletton & Ginifab

In case you don’t know where to start

Social Media Polls

There are plenty of ways to figure out what colors you can use for a design. Recently, social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook allow users to ask their followers to create polls. This is a great way to get a quick response from your followers and find out what’s hot and what’s not.


A quick search on Google for “Cool color schemes” might do the trick for you. Many people post their web designs and ideas on art, social media, business and other indexed websites. This is a great solution in case you do not have a social media account or have a low amount of followers.

You can also visit your favorite or a popular website. Websites with large amounts of traffic tend to contain matching color schemes since their main goal is to keep site visitors on their website.

Or just ask the Central Texas experts in web design and branding. The milMedia team can help you not only discover your brand and bring it into reality but bring it to life through web designs and social media marketing. Ask us today.