Email Subject Line

We share our favorite tips and tricks on how to craft the right email subject line to catch your subscriber’s attention and get them to engage, by opening your email. These tips not only help increase your open rates but make sure your emails are not flagged and going into a junk folder. Who knew an email subject line could be so important!?

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7 Things for you to consider before sending your next email

1. Simplify

A good rule of thumb is to keep your subject line under 40 characters. This is only five to seven words to capture your audience, but it will ensure your email subject line doesn’t get cut off. Remember sometimes all it takes is a word or two to capture your subscriber’s attention and get them to click and open an email.

2. Remove the spam

If you want to make sure your email does not get flagged as spam it is best to avoid words in all caps as well as making sure there are no exclamation points or sales words like, “Buy Now” or “Free”. Instead of focusing on making a sale, think of the value and expertise you are sharing with your subscribers.

3. Ask a question

You can reach your customers through their curiosity. Asking a question to get their attention is a great way to grab their attention and get them to open the email. Remember this trick, your question should inspire your subscriber to open the email in search of the answer.

4. Set a deadline

If you have limited time or special offers you may develop an entire email campaign and content around it. To help ensure a sale is not missed, you can use followup emails with deadlines in the subject line to help let your subscribers know when they need to take action such as, “Register Today” and “Now or never”.

5. Please with a teaser

Think of this as offering a preview or a sneak peek, rather than telling them the entire storyline from the getgo. This is meant to hook your subscribers and create enough interest for them to open the email and find out the whole story.

6. Call to action

You have to admit, sometimes the best route to take is being direct and straight to the point. By telling them your call to action right away there is an opportunity to encourage your subscribers to engage. A great example of this is using words like “Join us”.

7. Be Unique

Do you offer something unique in your business that your subscribers don’t get anywhere else? If you have a strong brand identity it might be useful for you to include your business name in your subject line especially if it offers a fun play on words and phrases you can create from it.

Time to test your subject lines

While a subject line is a single line of text, it has a lot of power. It can be the deciding factor if your email will be opened. Now with these tips and tricks, you are ready to go test them with your audience and create the best subject lines for them.

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