Connecting with your Team

Connecting with your Team

As of Feb 2, 2020, the US received word that there were cases of the Coronavirus in the states, which left people to wonder what that would mean for their day-to-day lives if the situation got out of hand, and it did. Most companies are in a position where the precautions they had to take for the safety of their team could cost them. As people began to self-quarantine to avoid the spread of the virus, it left businesses who had not yet transitioned to working fully online in the red. So what does that mean for you and your team? All of your hard work should not have to end like this. Right now, more than ever, you need to focus on connecting with your team. 

Never Underestimate the Power of Telework

 Telework is essentially any business communication that uses digital options to achieve physical goals. For example, the use of emails to communicate information rather than holding a meeting can be a great way to save on time and use your resources. Try transferring conversations to text or call for an instant response without disrupting one another’s workdays. Collaboration need not occur in a fixed time, it can be an ongoing discussion that goes on throughout the day so that no one is stressing about their approaching deadlines. 

 There is Always an App for That

All good things can be solved with a Google search. Some countless applications and tools have been developed to help your team perform Telework to their best ability. The most recommended system that you will find is called G Suite. G Suite is an excellent tool for team collaboration. It has so many devices that allow you to connect with your team in so many ways. One of which is document sharing capabilities, this allows for a team member to share a document with their team to allow for collaboration. Each person who receives the material can add to it and provide feedback in real-time. This system allows for no project to be left behind.

Another one of the many capabilities of the tool is that it can hold virtual meetings with slides of which members of the team can add notes if they would like. Everything is collaborative in G Suite, which makes the tool much more appealing to most business models. Even if the application does not fit all of your needs, it is a great place to start—especially with their task tools that allow you to know what kind of day to expect. 

Be Open with Your Team

The best way to connect with your team in the best way possible, practice honesty when it comes to the threat of not following the precautionary steps that they can take to be safe. Remind them to wash their hands and keep them informed about the situation. Do not assume that the general news will notify your team because the responsibility of the press is to tell you about the problem not to help solve it. That is where leadership comes in. Keeping your team in the know of the threats and sharing credible resources to help combat the virus can help your team greatly. Do not underestimate the power of giving your team a platform to speak. Creating that safe space can help your team feel connected and therefore be more prepared for what is coming. 

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