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Computerized Leaders Book

black floppy disk

Creator of the original electronic squad leader notebook software for personal computers, milMedia Group (Top Sarge) was an early inventor of products and services for soldiers.


CLB Documentation

-= Page i =-


│                                                                        │
│                      Computerized Leader’s Book                        │
│                                                                        │
│                              CLB v5.1                                  │
│                                                                        │
│                                                                        │
│                    (C)Copyright 1993-2001  Dan Elder                   │
│                                                                        │
│        ■Electronic Organization for Today’s Military Leader■            │                                                                        │


CLB is not a Public Domain program and is not  free. CLB is

copyright (C) 1993-2001 by Dan Elder & Top Sarge Software.

Non-registered users of this program are granted a limited two-week

license to CLB to evaluate the programs suitability for their

requirements. Any usage of CLB beyond the evaluation time period

requires registration of each copy of the program used. Use of non-

registered copies of CLB beyond the original evaluation period is


CLB may NOT be modified in any respect, for any reason, including

but not limited to, de-compiling, disassembling, or reverse

engineering of the program. The opening title screen, help screens,

and all other proprietary program output must never be altered,

removed, bypassed or modified by any means.

You are free to distribute the PUBLICLY AVAILABLE shareware version

of CLB to others subject to the above restrictions and also the



  1. No fee is charged for its use.


  1. No renumeration may be accepted for CLB. This does not

apply to computer access charges the system operators

of or organizations owning bulletin board systems, online

services, etc… may charge subscribers.


  1. CLB must be copied in unaltered form, complete with files

containing license information, the FULL documentation and

all accompanying files.


  1. All shareware houses/distribution firms must make explicitly

clear that the diskette purchase containing any shareware

program has NOT registered the shareware with TheSoft.





CLB Documentation

-= Page ii =-                   License (cont)



The above license statement does not apply to the REGISTERED

version of CLB. The registered software of Top Sarge Software and

Dan Elder is protected under United States Copyright and Trademark

Laws. It must be treated just like a book with certain exceptions

as follows:


  1. Dan Elder and Top Sarge Softwre authorizes the making of

archival copies of the registered software for the sole purpose

of backing-up your software and protecting your investment from

possible loss.


  1. The medium on which the registered software is recorded is

transferred to the customer, but not the title to the software.


  1. The customer may resell or distribute unmodified copies of the

registered software provided the customer has purchased from

Dan Elder one copy of the registered software for each

one sold or distributed. The provisions of this software license

shall also be applicable to third parties receiving copies of

the registered software from the customer.





CLB Documentation

-= Page 1 =-                TABLE OF CONTENTS



LICENSE……………………………. i




ABOUT CLB………………………….. 2


SETTING UP CLB……………………… 3


RUNNING CLB………………………… 4


REGISTRATION……………………….. 6







CLB Documentation

-= Page 2 =-



╒╤══ About CLB ══╤╕




The (C)omputerized (L)eader’s (B)ook is my attempt to allow

technology to make life easier for Squad Leaders, Platoon Sergeant/

Leaders, Section Sergeants/Leaders, or anyone in a leadership

position.  With the integration of computers into the military and

the increase of privately owned computers by soldiers, it only

makes sense to allow the computer to lighten the burden.  Current

doctrine (FM 25-101, Battle Focus Training, appendix B) requires

leaders to maintain a “Leaders Book.”  As a young sergeant, I recall

maintaining a notebook with pertinent information of my soldiers.

It had many erasures, corrections, and updates, but it was always


Using this program allows you to enter information, edit, print,

make reports, and delete information.  You can print out a hardcopy

of each soldiers statistics on a standard 8½ x 11 inch sheet of paper

that you can place in your in a document protector for inclusion in

your leader book, or print it to the screen for easy viewing.






CLB Documentation

-= Page 3 =-



╒╤══ Set Up ══╤╕






You can run CLB directly from a floppy, though it will

operate slower than on a standard hard drive. To run,

change the directory to the drive you have the disk in

[type <B:> or <A:>]. Then enter CLB at the prompt to start

the program.




First, make a directory on the hard drive you intend to

install CLB on [type <MD CLB>]. Place the floppy disk in

the drive, and change to that drive [type <B:> or <A:>].

Copy all files to your hard drive [type <COPY *.* C:\CLB>].

Change back to your hard drive in the CLB directory and

type CLB to start the program.




After you have copied all files from the floppy disk or

ZIP file, change to the CLB directory [type <CD \CLB>].

Type CLB to begin the program.





Make a directory on the hard drive you intend to install

CLB on [type <MD CLB>]. Copy your zipped copy of CLB to that

directory [type <COPY CLB.ZIP C:\CLB>]. Unzip the file

[type <PKUNZIP CLB>]. Place your zipped up version in a safe

place for backup. Enter [type <CLB>] to start.






CLB Documentation

-= Page 4 =-



╒╤══ Running CLB ══╤╕



Using this program is extremely easy, even for the newest computer

user.  Help is provided to the user on the status line, located on

the bottom of each screen.  Selections are made by using a ALT-<key>

combination. Each screen provides onscreen help from the status line.

The program provides you prompts throughout the program.






Navigating through CLB is a matter of simple keystrokes. By

pressing a ALT-<key> combination, you will be presented with the

option of your choice. By using your cursor key, you may move

between sub-menus. The following is a list of valid options:



ALT-<key> Options



├───> Help

├───> About CLB

└───> Registration Info



└───> Enter a New Record



├───> View a record in database

├───> Edit a record in database

└───> Delete a record in database



├───> Print All Records

└───> Print a Selected Record



└───> Make a Report



└───> Quit to DOS


ALT-X    Quick Exit




CLB Documentation

-= Page 5 =-                    OPTIONS (cont)




[ Enter a Record ]   This option is used to enter all

information for each record. You

may abort the record at any time

by pressing the <ESC> key in any

box. Corrections may be made by

using the cursor keys to jump

from one box to another. After

completing the template, you will

be prompted if all info is correct,

and then save the record.


[ View a Record ]   This option allows to to view any

record in your database. You will

be presented with up to 15 records

per screen. You may select a record

by its number, or by entering the

last name of the person who’s

record you want to find. Press “N”

to use the “BY NAME” option. Press

<ESC> to return to the main menu.


[ Edit a Record ]   This option allows you to update

data or make corrections. Selecting

a record is the same as viewing,

either by entering a number or

by entering the last name of the

person who’s record you want to



[ Delete a Record ]   This option allows you to delete

a record in your database.


[ Print All ]   This option will dump all the info

of each record to an Epson compat-

ble printer, and print each record

on a single 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of

paper, for inclusion in a leader’s



[ Print Selected ]   This option allows you to print a

single record. Selecting records

is similar to [ View a Record ].

By pressing F1 at this screen allows

you to print a blank form to give

to subordinates so you may gather

data to put in your database.

Pressing F2 toggles the Privacy Act

Statement to be appended to the record.



CLB Documentation

-= Page 6 =-                   OPTIONS (cont)




[ Reports ]   This options allows you to make a

report of selected fields, which you

may print to your screen or to an

Epson compatible printer. You will

be presented a screen with all the

available fields. Select each field

by number to include in your report.

When completed, press the <ENTER> key,

and a listing of those fields from

each record will be displayed or




[ Quit ]   Returns to your Operating system.






This program has been released by two methods.


DIRECT MARKETING – The author, through advertisement

and word of mouth from pleased users, provides

registered copies to buyers. If you recieved your

copy on a floppy disk directly from the author, you

have a fully enabled, registered version of CLB, and

have made the required payment.


SHAREWARE – Users who have download their copy of CLB

have a demo version of CLB, and upon payment will

receive a fully functional version. This version

has slower screen writes (due to UNREGISTERD label)

and does not support printing. Lack of registration

despite many downloads have caused this new feature.





CLB Documentation

-= Page 7 =-                 REGISTRATION (cont)





Send a $15 check or money order to:



23a Sheridan Ave

Fort Riley, KS  66442





Go online to:





╒╤══ Author Info ══╤╕



Dan Elder is an active duty Command Sergeant Major who has

served in many leadership positions for over 20 years. As

a computer hobbist, he has spent many years developing and

refining CLB. With this latest release, he has developed 3

military related program, and 3 Bulletin Board utilities.

Having been a BBS sysop for 4 years, and a member of

shareware organizations, Dan has been around shareware for 7

years. To contact Dan for information, you may contact him

via email at:







The latest versions of all my military related programs can be found

online, or thru contacting me direct. I will provide support

to all users of this and all my programs.  The hard part is to locate

  1. As a active duty soldier, I tend to move a bit. Currently I am

serving in Kansas, and should be here until 2003. If you

are reading this beyond January 2003, you can bet the address

is invalid. Try to contact me via email for an updated address.