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6 Great Websites to help with your Color Scheme

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Looking for a good color scheme for your website, presentation, or any media content can be tricky. We all have our day in which our minds go completely blank. Lucky for us, there are websites that can help suggest good color schemes for our web design ideas. There are also websites that contain color palettes that help find abstract colors to go with any specific color we may have in mind.

Trust me, your color scheme is crucial when it comes to your website or presentation. You don’t want your audience to laugh or complain about your color scheme. That’s why you should always want the best, not only for yourself but for your targeted audience.

Why use a tool to choose a color scheme?

Although you may want to do things your way, it’s always better to figure out what others want; especially if you’re targeting a specific audience. Otherwise, nobody will buy into you or your product. The best thing to do is find a color scheme that many people are using or prefer instead of creating one that many would dislike.

Your website is also you and your brand’s image on the world wide web. You don’t want to choose depressing colors that will keep people from becoming a true fan of your website or online product.

Colors are well known to represent and bring out emotions. When we think of a black bull and red, we are more than likely to think of anger. For this reason, you must be cautious not to choose your color schemes without any thought.

Represent the Brand and Image

If you already have a brand logo or even a slogan, try to choose colors that go with those two things. Don’t use colors that do not match with your logo or you will soon find out how unpopular your design can become. Instead, take your time and analyze what colors are best for you.

Color Scheme Websites

It’s a long list, so we took the liberty of putting a list of our top picks for the matter.


Paletton- Color Scheme Website

Photo Credits: Paletton

If you are looking for an advanced color wheel, you can visit Paletton. They have an awesome color wheel designed to help you find Monochromatic, Adjacent Colors, Triad, Tetrad, and FreeStyle color schemes. They provide users with free items, add-ons, templates, patterns, vectors and more through Envato Elements. This free color wheel can also be randomized if you don’t have a clue on what colors to choose.

Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC- Color Scheme Website

Photo Credits: Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC is second on the list. Although it has a basic color wheel, this site offers great color schemes and allows you to save your palette once you have an account. They offer desktop access to Creative cloud apps and services, Photoshop, Photo storage, Graphics and Illustration, Page Design, Layout for print, Digital Publishing and more. Note: Adobe charges for these extra services but offers free-trials as well.

Mudcube Color Sphere

Mudcube Color Sphere- Color Scheme Website

Photo Credits: Mudcube Color Sphere

This easy to use tool offers RGB and RYB codes. It allows you to use illustrator, photoshop, and a palette creator for your colors. This tool is pretty basic, so if you are looking for something that gets straight to the point, this is the tool!


Colrd- Color Scheme Website

Photo Credits: Colrd

Colrd is a neat tool that offers amazing color schemes as well as a color palette. Their creative posts can help anyone who is looking for great ideas. I highly suggest the painters, web designers, and amateurs should check this page out. Also, creating an account with them allows you to share your own creations on Colrd for the everyone to see!

They offer a palette creator that allows you to view and choose from many colors and offers similar colors in case you change your mind.

The Color App

Photo Credits: The Color App

This iOS application makes it easier for designers to use a color map. This application creates a separation between colors which makes it easier for users to distinguish and select their preferred color. The Color App allows you to view your color history in case you want to view a previous color. Like many color scheme tools, The Color App offers suggestions for its users. Color Scheme Website

Photo Credits:

This nifty website allows you to upload an image you like and returns the RGB color codes found on the image. It is a great idea to use this for inspiration because popular pictures usually have great color schemes most people would like. This also offers palettes others have created to help you out.