New Year, New Analytics

Analytics are the backbone of today’s digital media and marketing. It bridges the gaps between business and consumers. They answer the who, what, where, and why for marketing. Though numbers and metrics may not be everything to a business, they do help guide a business towards success. These tips on how to improve your business…

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Small Business Takes Black Friday

online shopping

Put all the costumes away because it is officially time to prepare for the Turkey season! With the arrival of November comes many things like warm coats, planning, and of course Black Friday shopping! It can be easy to write off Black Friday for your business because you do not offer a service or product,…

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Gift Guide for Boss’ Day!

Gift Guide National Boss' Day Graphic

Established in 1958 by Patricia Bays Haoski, a secretary at State Farm Insurance, National Boss’ Day allows employees to show appreciation for their bosses. This Boss’ Day, we are highlighting gifts for the multi-dimensional tech boss. Tech bosses are creative, savvy, and always one meeting away from the next big thing. They created a cyber…

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Is Twitter a Good Platform for Your Business?

           There are so many ways to market your business, but the marketing model does not include a one size fits all agenda. To those who believe a website and a billboard do the job, you have been sadly mistaken. One of the most difficult challenges and also one of the most important goals of marketing…

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Improve your SEO in 4 Steps

Improve Your SEO in 4 Steps

When it comes to SEO, most people are not experts or well versed in the area. Many believe it takes a lot of time and money to make significant changes that will improve your site’s traffic and Google search presence. So here are four tips and easy changes that can be made quickly to improve…

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5 Ways Your Website Should Be Representing Your Business

Ever wanted to represent your website that your business deserve. Well you at the right place. Presentation is key to have people to have interested visiting your site. So here are some tips to get you jump start your business website. User Interface  User Interface is a front end experience that focuses on style and the looks of your…

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Automate 3 Things and Enjoy your Next Vacation

Automate These 3 Things

From time to time even the boss needs a break, but it can feel impossible especially if you are in a demanding business or an entrepreneur. However, we all need time away from the office to unplug. Thanks to automation, you no longer need an entire team in the office while you are away, you…

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Websites for Texas Emergency Service Districts

emergency service district website

The 86th Legislature enacted new laws that require Texas ESDs to provide information online. If your ESD had an Internet presence on Jan. 1, you may be subject to the requirements of House Bill 305. All ESDs are required to comply with Senate Bill 2 requirements when it goes into effect Sept 30, 2019.

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What is the Cost of Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance

Once your website is built and deployed it will take care of itself, right? Wrong! You face the recurring cost of keeping the website up and operational for your intended audience. There are two types of website maintenance support.

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