Black Friday Digital Marketing Tips


As Black Friday approaches, it can be easy for businesses to get lost in the shuffle when promoting their sales. Franchises such as Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and now Amazon are main hubs that people go to spend their money on the latest technology and other hot items. These businesses are trying to compete with other big companies and because of that they will dominate headlines and search queries this holiday season. So, how does a Central Texas small business compete? Here are some tips to boost your digital marketing efforts this holiday season.

Email Marketing

Some great deals and a grabbing headline can be all it takes for conversions by email. Sending Black Friday deals via email can attract potential customers that do not follow your business on social media to go to your physical location. With emails, you can include a preview of your sales that are planned throughout the holiday. Having clickable links on products that are hot commodities this season will lead them to the store website. Allowing customers to browse your store’s selection of items. This can lead to multiple purchases and engagements with the website. Emails can be a nice jumping off point for consumers to be involved with sales and events. Including social media links can give readers an opportunity to follow the business on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. Then after Black Friday, quality and relevant content can increase the retention of the subscribers.

Social Media

Black Friday can be considered an event spread across multiple social platforms. Customers can post pictures of their new purchases, post the long lines before stores open, and see the deals posted by different companies.

By making original content about and centered around Black Friday, you will be able to increase engagements for eager shoppers. There are different strategies for increasing engagement or views to your social media pages. For instance, if a Black Friday ad showing the sales is planning to get dropped, there can be an announcement of when and where its will be shown off. By announcing a selected date, consumers can visit and engage with the ad the day it is posted.

Another way to increase engagement during the holiday sales is to drip feed the content. If multiple deals are planned then once a day, a new sale can be posted. The repetition will have people coming back to social media channels daily. Wondering what the next deal could possibly be. If non-seasonal sales content is posted during that time frame, it can encourage people to visit daily after the sales have ended.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is the process of getting organic or “free” traffic based on a variety of methods. Factors such as backlinks, inbound links, keywords, and other factors increase SEO. Check out a more detailed view of using SEO to increase your website’s visibility.

Adding a city name with a keyword phrase can strengthen your SEO.  For example,  by including “Black Friday” and “Killeen Deals”, you would increase your search popularity for people searching Black Friday deals in Killeen. With the amount of good deals and the number of people looking to buy something increasing; Black Friday is popular a query that is used during the holiday season.

SEO should be a strategy that is of high importance alongside emails and social media. A Black Friday landing page or category page will let you store all your deals in one spot.

Quick Tip

Doing keyword research in tandem with Black Friday for the products you are selling, and categories will give you more opportunities for organic search.

It is important to remember that SEO is a long game, so it is better to plan in advance. When you are doing SEO best practices on a consistent basis, you will have the opportunities to see increases in organic traffic year over year.

Review Your Campaign

Once the campaign is implemented, you can gather data and see how it worked. By reviewing your campaign and objectives, you will be able to see what changes will need to be made for next year. Allowing you to improve the amount of traffic, engagement, and conversions year over year.

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