Automate These 3 Things

From time to time even the boss needs a break, but it can feel impossible especially if you are in a demanding business or an entrepreneur. However, we all need time away from the office to unplug. Thanks to automation, you no longer need an entire team in the office while you are away, you can, in fact, keep your business operational while you are on vacation if you plan accordingly. To truly be successful in taking a vacation we recommend you put two vacations on your calendar at the start of the year so you can plan ahead to take that time away and prepare everything you need to ahead of your leave. Here are some things you can start getting automated today. 

Email Marketing

If you have ever struggled to communicate regularly with your clients and customers this could be the answer for you, and not just when you are on a vacation. Implementing email marketing is a fantastic way to communicate with your customers, nurture your leads and send key updates all on autopilot! 

In fact, if it fits your business, tell your customers that you are in fact on vacation but your business is not. Share with them some of the fun things you will be doing and the big things happening in your business when you return and even that you did automate your emails so that they are able to still communicate with you. Get them excited about a launch or new service you will be starting when you return to the office. 

Social Media Marketing

You may have heard about content planning and scheduling tools to help you run your social media channels, but have you been consistent in producing content and getting it out there to your audience? When it comes to Social Media Marketing consistency is key. The biggest problem business owners run into is that this can be time-consuming. That is where automation really can help. You can use time management practices like time blocking to get monthly content all created and scheduled in one sitting. Using scheduling tools will allow you to post when your audience is online and there is no worry about forgetting to post each day. 

Website Maintenance 

Nothing feels worse than when your website goes down and you didn’t know about it. Who knows how much business was lost or if the information was compromised. No one wants to return from a vacation with an inbox full of email notifications from angry customers who could not access their accounts or your products that they wanted to purchase. 

If you have a WordPress website we recommend installing the plugin Jetpack to help keep an eye on your site when you are busy doing other things. But maintenance can extend as far as making sure your site is backed up and updates have been installed. If you need help with these things outsourcing it to a third party can take away all the stress and even save you money. 

Food for Thought

Truth be told all three of these things if put on automation regularly can be huge time-savers for you and your business. In fact, all three of these tasks are ones you can both outsource and automate giving yourself back the time you need to take your vacation in peace or work on the things in your business that are going to result in leveling up your business. If you want to know what this could look like for you give us a call today at (254) 554-0974. Let us know how we can help you with your social media marketing and website needs.