The Art of Typography in 2018

The Art of Typography milmedia picture

It is finally 2018 and web marketing has become one of the top trends on the world wide web. We may not know it, but there is so much behind the art of typography in 2018. Your Google rank depends on more than just how you build, promote, and maintain your site. We’re trying to go a bit deeper and point out how typography can affect your popularity.

Where Are The Nice Text and Graphics?

If you plan on having a good web campaign, you better be ready to provide your audience with the best look and feel. As the title reads, Web Typography is an art. It’s not just something any person can be successful at overnight.

Although there is no specific borders or limits as to how to set up everything to look, you must be extremely careful. If you’re too “liberal” or “conservative” with your design, you might not engage your target audience.

Size Matters

Trust us, size matters. You don’t want to surprise your web traffic with huge fonts that may take up a lot of space. It’s better to keep it simple… Sometimes. If you aren’t a web designer, feel free to experiment typography on your own. You’ll find out soon enough how much the size of your text matters.

Does It Look Even?

Does your work look symmetrical? That’s one of the key things to look for when you are designing anything. This will give your artwork a clean look and will prevent it from being a pain in people’s eyes. If you’re new to creating your own content, make sure to play it a bit safe at first, and gradually build your work.

Flip It Around

An easy way to check whether your typography skills are good or not is by flipping your workaround. It might sound crazy but if you want to improve the look of your design, you should make sure it looks good from behind. This is a good way to spot any flaws in your web work. Programs like [Affinity Designer] and [Adobe Illustrator] allow users to flip their work and edit the look and feel of a project in easy to learn ways.

What’s It Say?

Make sure your work is always legible. If nobody can read it, then it won’t work for you. Although it is nice to have fancy writing styles, it is nicer to have people understand what message you are trying to convey.

Can They Feel Your Passion?

Your audience needs to feel good when they see your work. One of the best ways to capture their attention is by bringing emotion to the table. Whether the emotions are positive or negative, you can influence your audience. Typography is not just typing or writing some letters on a canvas. It is engaging your audience through sight and transmitting a clear message.

Want to Learn More About The Art of Typography?

Sites like Creative Bloq can help teach you a bit more!

Bring Out The Good Stuff

Here are some ideas we found in case you’re having trouble finding the right look for a marketing campaign, logo, or web page:

Opening The Doors to Success

St. Michaels Learning academy logo and building

Created for: SMLA

This is one of the most recent work from milMedia Group in collaboration with SMLA Alternative School in Houston. The image showcases a great example of how a logo, background image, and a nice solid text can create a beautiful image.

milMedia On Top

The Art of Typography milmedia picture

If an image is too dark, make sure you add features to make your font pop. This is an example of a dark image with dark typography on it. You should aim to make your graphics light enough to attract everyone and not just some prospects.

Roberts New Art & Craft

roberts new art & craft

Credit to: Print Mag

This goes to show that you don’t have to keep thinking inside the box. Modern typography is about graving the people’s attention and leaving a recognizable mark.

Charleston Gourmet Burger Co. Logo

Charleston Gourmet Burger Logo

Credit to: Charleston Gourmet Burger

This great logo displays a mix of cursive and printed words. This design helps bring out the best in keeping it simple.

You don’t have to take any complicated steps to make your artwork look fancy. Choose a good color scheme and the correct shading and you can create something awesome.

Catalyst Design Studio Logo

Catalyst Design Studio Logo

Credit to: Catalyst

 Adding a shape to your company logo can help your audience know what you are about.

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