About Us

The milMedia Story

First created as a digital collaboration project in 1991, and now with over 25 years of experience, milMedia Group is the digital division of Topsarge Business Solutions (TBS), and a proven web design and digital media agency based in Killeen, TX. After establishing our first information portal in 1991, we began to offer a line of computer software specifically for soldiers in 1994 and established our first web collaboration center in 1997. Our portal later became a centerpiece of a multi-year, multimillion-dollar federal program within the Department of Defense, and we were selected to help manage and lead a culture shift in managing organizational knowledge.

We work with a variety of clients, from start-ups to small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits. We specialize in working with city, state, and county government organizations. We are unique because of our founder’s philosophy of highest satisfaction, relationship-building, in-person support, and providing quality products. We are dedicated to understanding our client’s needs so that we are in tune with your specific requirements to allow us to provide measurable solutions tailored to each customer, based on analysis to create clear goals, objectives, and outcomes.

Who We Work With

Non-profit Organizations

We implement digital marketing strategies with a focus on the donors. By doing this, the non-profit organizations are able to secure more donations to serve their purpose.

Small Businesses

Focusing on awareness of the business itself more than anything, this strategy allows you to focus on continuing with your quality products/services while we get eyes on you and feet in the door.


Whether you are selling a book, hosting a one-time event, or have an idea that you believe is the future, milMedia Group can adapt and provide services for your vision. An idea with confidence and a digital marketing strategy behind the idea can lead to a successful future!


milMedia Group specializes in working with cities, counties, and state government agencies. We are flexible to your needs and can show your clients and visitors that you can continue being straightforward and adhere to necessary standards while having creative design implemented.

Our Killeen, Texas Web Design Team

With combined experience of over 35 years you're in good hands.

Dan E.

Managing Partner | CTO

Dani P.

Director of Learning Systems

Jessica T.

Director of Digital Operations

Samantha S.

Marketing & Sales

Milton C.

Lead Web Designer