A Guide to Facebook Business Suite

Facebook has taken a turn for the best with the release of their newest feature to assist posting and scheduling for businesses on Facebook and Instagram in the form of Facebook Business Suite.

Due to the high demand for posting scheduled posts with the influx of digital marketing following the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook responded to the cries for help with a multi-platform posting option on both Instagram and Facebook known as Facebook Business Suite. The set up is clean and easy to use for even the most amateur of digital marketers. 

Facebook Business Suite’s brand new look and mobile-friendly features!

Small Business Features

Facebook Business Suite has quite a few game-changer features. One of the features that saves you a Google search is the Business Help Center. This allows for you to get advice from Facebook’s business hub itself on how to track and optimize your marketing strategy. The business center answers questions that how to create an effective ad campaign and the commerce insights for your online business. Maximize your efforts with the free consultant that is Facebook for Business. Advertise your website like a professional social media marketer with the ultimate resource center. 

The Facebook Business Help Center is a great resource to manage your social media marketing effectively.

One Stop Shop

Traditionally social media management programs charge you to put all of the marketing materials in one place, but it is now totally free with Facebook Business Suite. Virtually everything is adjustable on your business’ Instagram and Facebook page from the one place. Not to mention, the “more tools” option makes features easy to strategize, set up and generate lead conversion. Rather than spreading out the features that you use the most office, you are free to explore and utilize new features and test them on both platforms. 

The layout adjusted the extra tools in an accessible tool belt.

Online Shopping Got Easier

Marketing your sellable products online just got easier. Instagram and Facebook are now the providers of online stores. Let’s say you are scrolling on social media and you see a product that you absolutely have to have! You no longer have to click the link in the bio and search until you find the right item simply tap and be brought to the correct page of the website to buy your item on spot. This new feature has revolutionized online shopping and has assisted the small business owner in selling products and interacting with the community directly. The catalog is easily customizable and is changing the game…but that is a different blog (stay tuned). Bottom-line, Facebook made a promise to help small businesses conduct business efficiently, and they have fulfilled that process with the ease of Facebook Business Suite.