5 Last-Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day Social Media Marketing

5 Last Minute Ideas for

With Valentine’s Day just days away you might think it’s too late to start a social media marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day. But think again! Here are five ideas for you that you can get started on today and get results from. 

Last-minute marketing is worth it

The stats say it all. According to the National Retail Federation, consumers are expected to spend a total of $27.4 billion in 2020 for Valentine’s Day. That is up 32 percent from last year! This equates to a whopping $196.31 that consumers plan to spend on their loved ones. Don’t be fooled though, this holiday about love is not just for those with significant others. Today consumers also celebrate Galentine’s Day on February 13th and celebrations on the 14th now include everyone from pets to kids to friends and family and coworkers. Now that you have an idea of what consumers are looking to spend let’s talk about 5 last minutes ways you can reach them with your marketing. 

1. Have a Flash Sale

Catch the last-minute Valentine’s Day shopper with an irresistible offer! Do you offer Gift cards? 15% of shoppers are looking to pick them up for this holiday. Be sure to share on your social channels and even send your email list a reminder to stop in or go online and pick one up for their special someone. Showing up where your customers are used to interacting with you and running a promo could be just the little extra nudge they need to share your business with a loved one or friend. 

2. Create your own gift guide

We all have those people who are plain hard to buy for especially on holidays like Valentine’s Day. Pick a category that will apply to a variety of consumers such as

  • Gift Guide for Pet Lovers
  • Gift Guide for Him
  • Gifts Ideas for Her
  • Gifts for Coworkers

Be sure to tie in your product or services but give a shout out to your local partners or favorite items out there that you can vouch for! You can share the list via email, social, or even on Pinterest to drive traffic. Feel free to up your gift-giving guide by also picking a theme or price point. 

3. Sponsor a Contest 

Around the major holidays including Black Friday, ad space can become expensive. But ads are not the only way to get people talking about your products and services. Sometimes the best sales team are those who are already your raving fans and will be excited to participate in contests and share your brand and offerings with their friends. There are many ways to do this, but it is important to create a strategy and measurable goal so you can tell if you have had success when it is all said and done. Some quick ideas to get you started would be to host a photo or story contest or a Valentine’s Day Theme Sweepstake. A best practice for contests like these on social media is to encourage participation as an extra incentive. Some prize ideas for you are, Gift cards, experience, free product, or themed swag bag. 

4. Create a strategy that reaches singles

While it is easy to think about couples on Valentine’s Day, remember that over half of Americans are single right now and they are ready to spend money on, you guessed it, themselves! That equates to $1.85 billion dollars. Remember that many single women are also participating in Galentine’s Day on February 15th and looking for friendship gifts as well. Including both days in your marketing strategy will be important. You can also use hashtags such as #treatyoself, #singlesawarenessday, #galentinesday, #singlelife in your social media posts for this campaign. 

5. Give them some love

It’s not just about selling. It is about nurturing those who consume your content and products and giving them great value before they ever have to make a purchase. No matter what your product or service is you can offer extra value through the week and share your best tips and advice with them. This will not only help build trust with your customers it will be a fun way to give back and see how your customers respond to your most valuable content. 

You need a plan to succeed

Has another Valentine’s day come and gone without you having a solid marketing strategy in place? Don’t want to get caught off guard again? Never fear, the milMedia team is here for you. Give us a call today at (254) 554-0974. Let us know how we can help you with your social media marketing needs.