March 31, 2016

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Military and Veteran sites we Host

milVetHost has been hosting web sites since 2005, you can put our experience to use as you develop your own presence, or update your current site. WebsiteSLdotCom
is the familiar NCO web portal, now with a clean, updated look
and better links. From here you can get in a professional
discussion, locate answers to your questions, find hot web
sites, or download software and ready-made classes. We are the
best site directory for Army NCOs, and it is all FREE.


JDs Bunker Blog

Cedar Oaks Estates- Host Website
Welcome into the Bunker. I am an American-American. Like all
Americans, I have ancient ancestors from places beyond the
borders of the United States of America. They came here seeking
a better place and life for themselves and their descendants.
They found it, built it and left it to us to preserve. I honor
my Scotts-Irish ancestors who migrated to the hills of West
Virginia to mine the coal that still powers our country.


Zurican, LLC Host WebsiteZurican,
LLC embodies an intuitive energy to engage clients
compassionately through superior solutions and distinguishing
services, thinking effectively and differently from the simple
to the complex to grasp client needs. We employ natural
aptitudes, which empower us to excel routinely beyond our
customer’s and Zurican’s own expectations by keeping things
simple to understand and employ. The Zurican Team keeps a focus
on the outcome of deliver-value services, and products that are
tangible and clear to our customers.


Mounted Warfare Foundation

National Mounted Warfare Fundation- Host Website

The Museum of Mounted Warfare and Soldier Center will provide a unique educational experience, preserving and interpreting the story of mounted units and Soldiers who have served at Fort Hood and worldwide, and the rich history, values, and heritage of Killeen/Central Texas.


The Powerpoint Ranger Blog

Powerpoint Ranger Blog- Host Website Are you a slave to PowerPoint? Do you find yourself too often making presentations and briefings? Do you work in a cubicle or spend most of your day staring at a computer screen? Careful, you just might be a PowerPoint Ranger. Check out our tongue-in-cheek salute to all the PowerPoint Rangers.
The Power Point Ranger’s Creed, View this in Presentation mode for a laugh


Boardwalk Enterprises, LLC

Boardwalk Enterprises, LLC- Host Website
Boardwalk Enterprises, LLC (BELLC) is a military spouse and woman owned, small business that was founded in Nevada in 2003. BELLC is a provider of strategic business solutions to support the needs of private sector enterprise and government agencies from the smallest business and municipality to large corporations and federal agencies. We are also uniquely qualified to provide services to Native American Tribes and educational institutions. Our experienced business professionals can analyze design and implement solutions in many areas of your business whether it is in finance, manufacturing, program management, human resources, contracts management, training or corporate operations


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